Sex Sells Marriage

Lurking on, I encountered a double miss in the comments of “The Sexbots are coming. But we won’t prepare for them”

A better question that no one asks is why? Why would a healthy man even consider a sexbot / AI. That is the question people should ask. The answer is The trailer for “Her” is spot on. I have always said it isn’t about sex, it is the companionship and love that men don’t get from women. I would buy that today.

In addition, the feminists may stop the robot, but cant stop a non sexual computer program. Yes once the AI or AI and robot come out women will be left alone (apparently just like they want).

As for women adopting them I doubt it. The AI, maybe. But why spend $10K on a robot that works as well as a $50 vibrator?

Larry Kummer, Editor

Sven, “A better question that no one asks is why?”

You must be kidding. That’s an often asked question, and probably has been for millennia. Why do men masturbate, use port, use prostitutes (i.e., quicky in an ally or car, 15 minutes in a brothel). I don’t know what the answer is. It doesn’t matter for the subject of this post. These drives exist. Modern feminism appears to be increasingly locking out a large segment of men (see yesterday’s post). Sexbots provide an alternative.

Strike #1: Men don’t get sexbots and related sex toys for companionship, Sven. They get sex toys for sex. But Sven is right that mainstream society should ask why sex simulators are preferred to real women.

Strike #2: Larry pretends to not know the answer to why men seek out sex alternatives and claims it doesn’t matter… in a post dedicated to men choosing to use robots as a sex alternative.

Men get married for easy, plentiful, cheap, no-STD sex with a dedicated chick. Full stop. That is his reward for putting up with female drama & expenses, not “respectability”, “companionship” or God help us, “profitability”.

Sex sells marriage. In fact, sex can sell anything; ask an advertiser. That’s how strong an urge it is. But Tradcons and feminists alike insist then men don’t really want sex. We want “family” or “comfort” or “approval”. In reality, the only men who get married hoping for a cold bed are the ones who’ve sublimated their normal desires into religious worship of muh’Lady. That’s unhealthy if you’re atheist and blasphemy if you’re devout.

Men never get married hoping that after a long day’s work, he’ll come home to a cold wife who respects him for being a good wallet. He knows the day will come when he can’t make fat bank… and meanwhile, he has a sex drive. What is he supposed to do about that?

If one wants happier marriages and higher birth rates then he should pressure wives to put out for their husbands and train daughters to expect & do that once they get married. For the love of Dick, why is this hard? And the Christian Tradcons have even less excuse; God’s own opinion is that the only good reason for marriage is “better that then burning with lust”. So make it a good outlet for lust already!

It is fascinating, the extent to which this world hates unattractive men. Solutions to our social problems are obvious and easy yet Elites and women would rather live miserable & die than reward Ernie Engineer for keeping the lights on.

2 thoughts on “Sex Sells Marriage

  1. ‘But Tradcons and feminists alike insist then men don’t really want sex. ‘

    Then you got these cuck pastors who seem to think once a couple is married the husband shouldn’t expect to have sex when his wife doesn’t want to.

    I get it when you are a Christian single…having sex outside of marriage is sinful and there is good reason not to. You have to learn to put your sexual drive to other creative uses. But if you get married and are refused sex from the one woman you should expect it from and she’s right there every night next to you in bed…not only is that sinful…I think that is even worse fate for your drive. I mean do these Christian pastors hate it when their married congregation has sex or something?

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  2. Sex sells marriage.

    Sex is the only thing that makes the bullshit of women and family life tolerable. Otherwise it’s a shit ton of work with no real payoff.

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