Don’t Go There

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We begin with a blood-boiling excerpt of National Review’s Kevin Williamson on the plight of impoverished rural whites:

If you spend time in hardscrabble, white upstate New York, or eastern Kentucky, or my own native West Texas, and you take an honest look at the welfare dependency, the drug and alcohol addiction, the family anarchy — which is to say, the whelping of human children with all the respect and wisdom of a stray dog — you will come to an awful realization. It wasn’t Beijing. It wasn’t even Washington, as bad as Washington can be. It wasn’t immigrants from Mexico, excessive and problematic as our current immigration levels are. It wasn’t any of that.

Nothing happened to them. There wasn’t some awful disaster. There wasn’t a war or a famine or a plague or a foreign occupation. Even the economic changes of the past few decades do very little to explain the dysfunction and negligence — and the incomprehensible malice — of poor white America. So the gypsum business in Garbutt ain’t what it used to be. There is more to life in the 21st century than wallboard and cheap sentimentality about how the Man closed the factories down.

The truth about these dysfunctional, downscale communities is that they deserve to die. Economically, they are negative assets. Morally, they are indefensible. Forget all your cheap theatrical Bruce Springsteen crap. Forget your sanctimony about struggling Rust Belt factory towns and your conspiracy theories about the wily Orientals stealing our jobs. Forget your goddamned gypsum, and, if he has a problem with that, forget Ed Burke, too. The white American underclass is in thrall to a vicious, selfish culture whose main products are misery and used heroin needles. Donald Trump’s speeches make them feel good. So does OxyContin. What they need isn’t analgesics, literal or political. They need real opportunity, which means that they need real change, which means that they need U-Haul.

Novaseeker proceeded to support him: On Williamson he wasn’t saying he wants whites to die, he was saying he wants whites in downscale blighted communities to leave them and go to parts of the country where there are more opportunities for them, and a less dysfunctional local culture. This is not necessarily bad advice from a life perspective for people from such places. Of course, it does mean that such places “die off”, but that’s happening now anyway, just with more dysfunction and suffering than if the people who are born there leave for greener pastures.

Me: What parts of the country offering opportunity? Can you name a few?

Novaseeker: That’s easy. The places in the country where white folks from the upper midwest and industrial northeast, as well as rural areas, have been moving to for the past few decades — mostly growing metros in the southern tier: Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Nashville, Charlotte to name a few, never mind coastal metros that have had huge influxes of whites in the same period like the DC. I am sure there are other areas I am not thinking of, but these places aren’t hiding, and it’s no mystery that the boom in population they are seeing is largely due to internal migration from older industrial areas as well as more rural ones. What Williamson is saying is: leave the blighted industrial and rural areas and go to one of the places that is booming with growth and development.

That is the globalist agenda and Novaseeker is hardly the only voice in the Manosphere to commit this snub. I don’t mean mistake; I mean, it is arrogant to tell people with no options that they should abandon their homes and go live in the cities where the jobs are.

First off, poor whites aren’t just whining. As I said in the linked article, First the Elites imported 30 million low-class Dindus in a single generation, then they exported every factory they could to China, now they fault low-class whites for complaining they don’t have jobs anymore while pushing mass-transit projects that would make even fast food joints at exits off the Interstate unprofitable.

We are not talking about the local mine being played out or lazy workers not following the factory to its new location in Pittsburgh (or today, in Pakistan!). The Elites are waging white genocide. They are starving out the white poor.

Additionally, the Elites want to centralize the population for ease of control. The advice to “just uproot yourself and go live in the cities” plays directly into this. It’s not a coincidence that all the economic growth just happens to be in metro areas. This is by legislative design.

Putting aside the globalist agenda, why the hell are Manospherians recommending people move to areas where they themselves don’t live? Novaseeker is in DC and tells poor people they should go to Texas and Georgia. He literally does not know what he’s talking about. I do not tell people where they should live except when I have personal experience there. Demographics and statistics do not define a neighborhood. The behavior of a roomful of legislators in the capitol does not determine what your neighbor will be like. I found a pleasant place in Commiefornia and the pundits would say that’s impossible because the governor 200 miles away is a jackass.

Speaking of personal experience, I actually followed that advice. Twenty years ago and unemployed, I went all-in and moved to the Denver area to find work. (Colorado was solidly Red-state then and I could tell where California was headed.) The effort coincided with one of the recessions preceding the Second Depression. My money ran out after a year of not even landing a burger job… just one contract gig that didn’t last… and if my parents back in Cali hadn’t kept my bedroom free, I would’ve been FUBAR.

I was “wealthy” enough to have family that could take me in. Not all poor men have that option. “Listen, Pa, San Antonio isn’t working out. At all. Can you float me bus money back to upstate New York? No? You were actually thinking of selling out and joining me? No, don’t join me… I’ll find something.” Poor people have to think about such possibilities before loading up the car and driving 1,000 miles to a place that statistics and pundits say is a sure thing. Statistics and pundits don’t lie, right? Unskilled labor is highly paid there, right? Apprenticeships galore?

You think my story is unique? There’s a documentary “The Overnighters” you should watch about poor men who followed everybody’s advice to the oilfields.

You think the rural poor should relocate to follow work? Then how about you open your garage for their use as a crash pad so they have a reliable place & contact to get started in an unfamiliar area? Would it kill wealthier whites to care enough about their lesser brothers to lend a hand along with the dismissive advice? I accept it’s difficult to identify trustworthy people so far away from you… but now you see the problem. You don’t know how the other half lives or even who the other half is. They don’t either.

Lastly, all of North America is going down. It’s completely feminized. It’s completely buried in debt. Completely Godless. Completely vulnerable to Dindu colonization. Everybody hates Californian expats because it’s easier to blame those who reached the feminist destination than themselves still making the journey. If your women vote then you’re next to suffer our fate. It’s that simple.

Maybe the poor of Appalachia are better off digging in and going off the grid than waging their meager savings on an all-or-nothing shot into urban Leftoid strongholds. That’s not for me to say. It’s for them to consider but I won’t let them be buffaloed into a rash decision by people with uninformed opinions.


7 thoughts on “Don’t Go There

  1. A huge influx of whites into a metro doesn’t mean anything. Most metros are already full of Dindus who commit the majority of the crimes.

    Besides as the leftist agenda hypocritically points out…whites leaving the inner city is racist and whites coming in and gentrificating the place is racist.


  2. Agree 100% Gunner.

    I grew up in one of these areas. There isn’t a choice to up and move for some….for many.

    I only can speak about what I know, my region where I grew up…and the example of a small nearby city to the south of me that I watched die in the 1980’s. In 1970,the year I was born General Electric Schenectday operations was booming. Opened by Edison himself in the 1880’s……in 1970 over 40,000 employees worked this plant. Schenectday was only a city of maybe 90,000 people tops at that point. Everyone else worked in supported industries that complimented General Electric. Yes, you had the county / city worker and the folks who worked for the state in nearby Albany. Lawyers. doctors, hospitals, and then the other service industries and retail……..

    When General Electric first started closing operations in 1979…….it wasn’t a panic but by 1985……the plant was down below 60% of what had worked there in 1970. The last blow came in 1987.

    Corporate greed? Right sizing? A move from some industries by GE and closing others? Employee incompetance? Automation? Spineless, ineffective Unions? Hostile buisness policies by the State of New York and the City of Schenectday?

    All of these played a factor…….

    What do you do when you are a 47 year old blue collar white man in 1985 who wound coil on a type of actuator or turbine since 1967 in an assembly line environment…..and the plant closes, and doesn’t need you to relocate to Greenville South Carolina or Mexico because automation can do the job better and faster? You had a decent wage. You have a house, a mortgage still……….the only other jobs are service / retail at minimum wage (then 3.45 an hour in New York) and you were pulling in maybe 12-14 an hour with healthcare, and vacation. The retail and service jobs are not even full time…..and such a deluge of workers into this market fills this up quick.

    Go back to college and get a degree in engineering? Get real. This man was not a poindexter in high school. He worked hard. He did good work at GE. His house value plummets because of the job market in this area now………..yeah….he’s supposed to “put his nose to the grindstone, and in a few weeks, he’ll become a doctor or college professor…….as if.

    The younger folks leave….they have nothing holding them there. He’s stuck. His wife has to work now full time…….a luxury he did have at GE……his wife could be a housewife and work some season work as a sales girl at The Carl Company (local / regional department store that is missed btw….went bankrupt in 1989). The neighborhood turns into foreclosure or rentals. Section 8. Not working class….but welfare class.

    He might start drinking more. He might not. He finds odd jobs or the occasional temp job / subcontractor at a smaller firm……..with more dangerous work and with lower pay.

    His options are limited at his age…..and the mean age of a laid off worker at GE back then was a man in his mid forties…..white, mortgage, and skills that don’t match the manufacturing work of 1985.

    A move is considered… put up for sale. No takers. They take it off the market and weather it out. They become the working poor. Pround. Struggling. Their standard of living plummets and there really isn’t any choice.

    Back in the early 1990’s when the Internet was gaining steam……we joked in college that in the future millions of us were going to be obsolte and “may not count” in the “new world order”

    The lesson was seen throughout the once industrial northern New York….but in the late 1970’s / and 1980’s.

    It’s easy to say “oh just move” and “go back and get retraining” while your bills don’t get paid, the kids starve or you’re *forced* on to welfare………let’s face it. Retraining at in your forties to become something in a tottally unrelated field really doesn’t work when all you did beforehand was pick at coal, mine slate, work an assembly line or worked for the city street / public works / heavy labor crew.

    I agree with you Gunner….I saw it first hand as a teenager, and to lesser extent where I grew up. I watched the slate pits close. The lumbering die off, the paper mills close, and a lot of decent folks made bad because of no other options really left.

    AS usual, since they are white…..and rural, and poor……it’s their “own” fault. I call whale excrement on that

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  3. Heck…….even a solid profession like a “tool and die” maker doesn’t pay what it did back in the 1990’s…..and that is how ol Archie Bunker made his living in the 1970’s……and even he could own a home in Queens, NYC had health care and a vacation……and Edith, bless her heart could be a housewife. Gone are those days.

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  4. Go back to college and get a degree in engineering? Get real. This man was not a poindexter in high school. He worked hard. He did good work at GE. His house value plummets because of the job market in this area now………..yeah….he’s supposed to “put his nose to the grindstone, and in a few weeks, he’ll become a doctor or college professor…….as if.

    Excellent summation of the typical swpl/dwl/umc delusional thinking


  5. I spent more than half my life in the artificially created world of the US military, and didn’t pay too much attention to what happened in the actual world unless it might mean another trip overseas for me.

    Nothing has surprised me more upon my re-entry to the actual world, than the white people that seem to hate white people and their own whiteness. I’m amazed at the numbers of white men that spit on everything their forebears accomplished. They have no regard for the line of their people. Most of these people would be, and have nothing, except for the work of their ancestors; who they hold in contempt.

    I didn’t know anyone like this in my youth, and now I find them everywhere. I absolutely cannot account for it.


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