Circling The Convergence Drain

A good quote from Devon35 on Dalrock’s blog got me thinking.

“Mainstream writers aren’t going to talk to incels or anyone outside their little circle. That’s why they were so surprised when Trump won. The US has the laziest worst journalists (if they can be called journalists) anywhere and they wonder why they aren’t trusted.”

The truth is simultaneously worse and funnier. As we know, Convergence/Social Justice requires total, blind loyalty to the Narrative. Journalists are at the forefront of this effort and thus spend their time forcing samethink among their peers and repeating the Narrative.

But here’s the rub. Computers are much better repeaters than humans. Also much cheaper and even less capable of remembering that we weren’t always at war with Eurasia.

Result? Journalists are compelled by their fanaticism to destroy their own jobs. They won’t deviate from the script but computers are unable to deviate. News editors try to be naught but mouthpieces for the Anointed Ones but are still more free-willed than silicon chips.

A game I play while traveling is to look at the local newspapers side-by-side with the national papers at the grocery or wherever. It’s funny how the headlines are often identical. Being exactly like your competitors is an obviously bad business model yet it’s also the goal of Convergence.

Then there’s the fundraisers I see on occasion. Nothing warms my twisted, bitter heart than watching a radio station solicit charity because nobody wants to buy their product. “By supporting local radio, you keep us available to report when major disasters take out your Internet connection!” I couldn’t find a current fundraiser for an example but this ongoing solicitation is typical:

YOU are KPCC’s largest and most reliable source of funding. KPCC brings you comprehensive, unbiased coverage because listeners like you have shown their support. When you become a monthly Sustainer, you’re also ensuring the future success of 89.3 KPCC, 89.1 KUOR and 90.3 KVLA. Contribute today.

KPCC, Southern California Public Radio is a registered 501 (c) (3) charitable organization.

EIN / Federal Tax ID: 95-4765734

Hey, they’re 501c3 just like my church! Are they a religion, too? What’s next, “Become a monthly Sustainer of Dick’s Sporting Goods, a 501c3 charitable organization! We bring you comprehensive, unbiased sporting knickknacks that are totally incapable of harming spotted owls, fish and Guatemalan drug cartels!”

Journalists are an unhappy bunch these days. By the time they purge themselves of independent thought, cease to keep the public informed about anything important and become Kool-Aid drinkers of Associated Press & Reuters, people can save a buck by going straight to the press feeds themselves. We’re missing naught but comics, coupons and obituaries.

Or better yet, we go on the Internet and talk to the people who are on the spot of breaking news. Computers are great repeaters; they can give a single man a global voice. Which is simultaneously what journalists fear and work furiously to achieve.

Journalists could justify their continued employment by doing in-depth research, tracking important trends and the other stuff I do for free on my blog. Last time I tried to read the local paper was when California’s drought was forcing major water policy issues. I didn’t know who the players were, who was proposing what solution for whatever reason, how funding was going to magically appear or how endangered species I’d never heard of or cared about would be affected. Instead, the typical story on water issues was “Larry of Q Agency made a proposal to amend proposal document 2363377-ZD. Susan of WY-Corp disapproved”. The only thing I learned from that story was that a certain local reporter must play a lot of “Fruit Ninja” on her slutphone during conferences.

The Convergence eats it own because once all diversity of thought is gone, once all curiosity is dead, once all information is sourced exclusively from the Lizard Queen’s throne, there’s no reason to have humans involved in what is already a mindless, automated process.

Journalists aren’t lazy. They are required by their chosen religion to extinct themselves. I like God’s sense of humor.


4 thoughts on “Circling The Convergence Drain

  1. Sadly, even the comics aren’t worth looking at anymore, and computer-drawn comics would probably be an improvement on some of the “art” in them. See “Reply All,” which appears (or used to appear, I haven’t seen the paper in months) in the Washington Post.


  2. Lol! “radio”

    I would sometimes would throw on the “christian” pop station K-LUV on my stereo when I was puttering around at home. After the span of two months of random listening……heard three fundraisers that went for DAYS and no music with constant “testimonies” about how “positive and encouraging music” was changing lives daily…and the usual 503c chairitable contribution “earmark” so Becky n Biff could get a tax deduction or have huge bragging rights of “we gave to Jesus by giving to K-LUV”

    Just as smug as liberals who donate regularly to PBS.

    When there wasn’t a fundraiser, the same twenty or so songs in constant circulation.

    I quit reading our local rag “The Fresno Bee” when they endorsed High Speed Rail, and the destruction of a WHOLE NEIGHBORGHOOD in the name of progress and getting “federal money” into Fresno (destruction of the historic and award winning Fulton Mall…..a pedestrain mall downtown that was built in 1964). Wrecked the whole neighborhood and drove rents through the roof down here….and displacing so many people.


  3. Ah, high-speed rail. Cali Elites just can’t drop that pipe dream, even at a recorded $1b per mile. I remember when the mayor of Los Angeles tried to get a bond measure for a high-speed rail project to Las Vegas “to reduce congestion”. It died in a scandal based upon his wife’s gambling trips to Vegas, as I recall.


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