The concept of focusing education upon STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) is a dangerously utilitarian approach to raising men. Michael Walsh on American Greatness has an interesting insight:

In Monday’s speech in the beautiful new Visitor Center, I located a signal change in the Western education system that, at the time, looked like an advance: the American reaction to the launch of Sputnik in 1957. Suddenly, America felt it was losing its technological edge over the Soviets so American schoolchildren became acquainted en masse with the wonders and joys of the slide rule and the hard sciences. The effect was immediate: we quickly regained and maintained our advantage over our antagonists, but it came with a price: the downgrading of the importance of the arts as a civilizing and ennobling force in American public (and private) life.

So while the emphasis on tech eventually resulted in the creation of the personal computer and the iPhone, it also reduced the literary and plastic arts from essential elements of nationhood to “entertainments” for the wealthy; triggered the coarsening of society and, worst of all, cut both America and, shortly thereafter, the Western European nations from the wellsprings of their shared patrimony. This may not entirely have been by design, but it was seized upon by the nascent philosophy of the Frankfurt School, which by this time had been transplanted from pre-Nazi Germany to Columbia University in Manhattan and quickly spread throughout the American system of higher education.

The result? To take just one example, the New York City public school system went from offering a model education in music and the arts to needing police officers in the schools—a reflection of the overall changes in demography, to be sure, but also of the decivilizing effect the loss of a democratized high culture entails. More Mozart, fewer metal detectors…

There’s nothing Western or American about math and science. Yes, we’re better at it than other nations but nothing about it is explicitly our culture the way Shakespeare or, well, Westerns are. It makes sense that abandoning the arts to focus on science was a bad decision in the context of the Soviet infiltration of USA. They easily twisted a culture that we had put on the shelf “for the moment”.

It isn’t an accident that the Marxists coined the phrase STEM while purging our history and humanity to the point of weaponizing children. Science is their religion because science tells us how to do anything without ever telling us if we should. In fact, the failure of science as its proponents embrace atheism is remarkable. Those who believe there is no objective truth have trouble describing how reality works? Heh.

What did you learn about courage in school or college? Probably nothing. What did you learn about morality? Don’t get caught. Self-discipline, foresight, kindness? Survival of the fittest. It’s our stories and legends that teach virtue and give us examples of good men (Marxists: Dead White Men!) to follow.

In true rebellious fashion, modern society has become little more than “There is no God; we must become Gods ourselves”. Morality is punished while mortal power & success is championed. The STEM nation reduces human life to logistics, utility and appetites. This is why I don’t believe China will be the winner of the 21st Century. Yes, they’re turning out lots of engineers & technicians. Yes, their atheist gov’t plays to win unhindered by compassion or honor. No, their “will to power” will not succeed… because God is real and still involved with humanity. They left that out of their calculations. A fatal mistake.

For the MGTOW, one of the benefits of unplugging from the rat race and “everything for muh children” lifestyle is that one is freed to enjoy the unproductive things of life such as literature and music. Not just the consumption of culture but the creation of it, too. Who we are is not a question likely to put food on your table… but your soul will wither without identity.

Remember your past, celebrate your ancestors’ achievements, read the Greats of philosophy & literature, seek to understand Christ instead of merely claiming membership in His Country Club. Cheap and effective and it even doubles as entertainment, because understanding who you are and acting as you should feels good. The only way history can be boring is if you have a bad teacher because they are us, only a couple steps removed.

The STEM nation is a road to Damnation. Don’t leave God out of your plans; don’t accept that it’s Current Year and the past is dead; and never neglect your soul just because the microscope can’t see happiness.


2 thoughts on “STEMnation

  1. Very intresting wrote up my man.

    Leftism is a lot of things and one of those things is a war on beauty. Not sure if that is deliberate as in if they destroy beautiful women, art, music, tradtions buildings etc and men won’t have anything to fight for or if it is just a reflection of the ugliness in their soul.

    Not sure it matters why but they are very much anti bueaty


  2. They are parasites. It isn’t just an insult. The Left wants everybody else to be productive so they have something to steal but some things can’t be stolen: beauty, honor, traditions etc. What they cannot steal, they do not value. What might expose them as evil, they vandalize.

    But for normal people, “eat to live to work to eat to live to work” is like prison life. God created us to want Him as well as food. We constantly search for meaning in the work we do and life we live. “Meaning” cannot be stolen.


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