Jordan Peterson’s Non-Christianity

The phenomenon du jour, Jordan Peterson, has flown under my radar mainly because he doesn’t write. I generally can’t stand vlogs because they’re a painfully slow, hard-to-index form of communication. Better to read in two minutes what could easily take a video half an hour.

I HAVE A LIFE TO LIVE, youTUBERS! The existence of my blog notwithstanding.

But JP is a very popular Canuck who, according to reliable sources, is misleading and deceptive. And he claims to be Christian? Time to check that.

0-0:25 JP self-identifies as a deeply religious man. That’s a bad start because Christians aren’t religious, we’re Christian. The only time we call ourselves ‘religious’ is to distinguish ourselves from people who feel the love of God while practicing the seven deadly sins.

0:45-1:30 JP claims religious truth is not scientific truth. One can stop here, I suppose. Science is not truth, it’s one of several ways of discovering truth. (This is why science is regressing at the same time its practitioners are abandoning the idea that God is objectively real.) The classic counterexample is history. History is not subject to observation, let alone experimentation, yet we know that some things happened on a certain date and other things did not… even if we lack the details. Meanwhile, there is no conflict between Christianity and science because reality was created by Christ. Every time I tried to argue this back in the day, the atheist would make a case that Christianity is not scientific (true), therefore it is in conflict with science (false).

If you believe truth comes in different flavors then you are not a Christian. There is One God, Christ Jesus, Creator of Reality, Author of Life. Substituting your personal ‘truth’ in place of that one will make you look very stupid on Judgment Day. “You can’t punish me for rebellion, God! I CHOOSE to not allow you to punish me! Ow!”

It took me less than two minutes to disqualify JP as a Christian. And yet, he’s popular. People are clearly getting something out of him. Sigh, I’ve already dirtied my guns so let’s do this. The following JP quotes are manual transcriptions of mine and I don’t guarantee they’re verbatim accurate. Time stamps are approximate, too. *GQ settles in.*

2:40-3:30 “Between order and chaos, chaos is so complex you can’t handle it, order is so rigid that it’s too restrictive. In between is a place where you’re partly stabilized and partly curious.” In other words, the horror of an uncaring universe compared to the shackles of an opinionated God.

5:00 “Christ is a meta-hero who sits at the foundation of Western Civilization.” Not a Savior.

7:30 JP’s interviewer reveals himself a half-wit, claiming Constantine wrote the Bible in its current form. SCRATCH THAT! This was an excellent, first-class shiv. JP is trying to find moral inspiration (but not truth) in the Bible and the interviewer points out that JP himself believes the Bible was a man-made book of fairy tales. JP hilariously uses comic books as a comparison. If only the interviewer had followed up with Hollyweird’s reinvention of those tales! Are those remakes lies? Standalone truths “but not my truths”? We’ll never know.

9:50 “Thor and Loki are actual gods, hostile brother archetypes like Christ and Satan, Batman and Lex Luthor.”

11:00 JP argues for Hegelian dialetic.

12:30 “J.K. Rowling became the richest person in England for presenting this truth.” I would have guessed E.L. James, English authoress of Fifty Shades of Gray, for her successful presentation of ‘truth’. But I suppose she has only three published books.

13:45 “In the 1800s, we blew the metaphysical foundations out from underneath our culture. Now we’re between the extreme right and extreme left.”

Okay, I’m stopping here. I know what’s going on. JP has both realized that atheism is a dead end and refused to accept the existence of God as the only alternative. He’s trying to form a “third-option” synthesis in which God is real and loves us and kisses our scraped knees without ever forcing us to do anything we disagree with.

All atheists end up at one of two destinations. Either they butcher dissidents in ever-increasing quantities in order to bring about their bloodsoaked Utopia or they do the Hegel thing and try to find a middle ground between rebellion and submission. JP chose the latter. He has a huge following because there are many young people who have been raised to follow the god of Evolutionary Psychology, found it a miserably empty existence, rejected Christ because His Church has also embraced Evo-Psych and now found a guy who offers an Evo-compatible God they can fit in their pocket. They neither have to recant everything they’ve been taught to believe nor submit to a God whose plans might not intersect theirs.

Or as put it:


I’ll close by showing you JP’s destination before he gets there:

1. A god exists who created and ordered the world and watches over human life on earth.

2. God wants people to be good, nice, and fair to each other, as taught in the Bible and by most world religions.

3. The central goal of life is to be happy and to feel good about oneself.

4. God does not need to be particularly involved in one’s life except when God is needed to resolve a problem.

5. Good people go to heaven when they die.


8 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson’s Non-Christianity

  1. I didn’t know Peterson claimed to be Christian. At any rate, you had little trouble showing he does not openly avow Christ as redeemer.

    Initially I was impressed with him for this:
    1. He lives in Toronto, Canada
    2. He works at a University
    3. He publicly refused to parrot the usual mind control associated with those two things, and in fact made claims that are outrageous to his peers, along the lines that men and women are fundamentally different from each other and that the fact can’t be socialized away.

    Bold Stuff in the current era for a university Canadian to openly declare. Amounting to nothing at all 40 years ago, today it makes him the man in the arena. I should pay more attention to what he is saying, but like you, I prefer reading to video presentations. Also, he makes it harder by using 100 words everywhere 10 would do.


  2. FromSFC’s article:
    ““What’s interesting is that on the conservative side of the spectrum we’ve figured out how to box in the radicals and say, ‘no, you’re outside the domain of acceptable opinion,’” the University of Toronto professor said. “Now, here’s the issue. We know that things can go too far on the right, and we know that things can go too far on the left. But we don’t know what the markers are for going too far on the left.”

    What a dumbass. “The right has gone too far when they interfere with our agenda. But we don’t know when our own agenda has gone too far.” This is what happens when one denies God and objective reality. The only problems you encounter are dissidents who try to stop you from inevitable success. How can you treat the unbelievers too harshly if they’re the only reason humanity isn’t living in a Golden Age?

    “[Peterson] concluded that “diversity, inclusivity and equity” serve as a triumvirate of concepts that “have the same potentially catastrophic outcomes when implemented as the racial superiority doctrines.””

    So he read about the French Revolution. Did he read about the revolutionaries murdering their own people? Racists don’t do that.

    Yes, you have probably gone too far if you’re cutting peoples’ heads off because they’re less tolerant than you. But Peterson is already doing this. “The alt-Right has gone too far. They aren’t as diverse and tolerant and equalitarian as us, therefore we must suppress them. But not too hard! We only want them to go away… forever… where they can’t influence anybody ever again… maybe Siberia… too expensive… we need a Final Solution… but a humane one… maybe the guillotine? We’ll get our Utopia and they won’t feel any pain.”

    Damn, that was a short trip.


  3. Lost Patrol @ 11:18 PM:
    “3. He publicly refused to parrot the usual mind control associated with those two things, and in fact made claims that are outrageous to his peers, along the lines that men and women are fundamentally different from each other and that the fact can’t be socialized away.”

    UC Berkeley occasionally hires a conservative professor on purpose in order to have someone to argue with.


  4. “UC Berkeley occasionally hires a conservative professor on purpose in order to have someone to argue with.”

    1978: Hey, check it out, we’ve got a black guy on staff!

    2018: Hey, look at us, we’ve got a white guy neocon on staff!

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  5. I’ll admit I never heard of the guy until he turned that British feminist tv host into a meme. Once I started watching some of his talks his ideas seemed pretty vague & confusing. His 12 rules book included…

    ‘Pet a cat when you encounter one on the street’

    No…cats are the jerks of the animal world.

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