Hiring Rant

Work’s been keeping me busy, including a hiring cycle that just ended. This is a rant I hope won’t come back on me but it needs to be said.

We’re booked heavily enough to hire a part-time fieldworker. Nothing requiring experience but if workload keeps up, it’ll become a full-time position. Great way to introduce a new guy to the career. I’m heavily involved in the hiring process but not the decision-maker. I’ll call that guy Boss for this rant’s sake. (Boss is a white male Baby Boomer.)

Boss had me post a job notice on Craigslist. I screened four candidates for him, from a kid who paid for his AutoCAD certificate by working as a security guard to a Post Office retiree supplementing his income. He instead interviewed #5, a Hindu from the local community college, and hired him despite his not being able to start work for a month while he finishes his graduation finals and responsibilities as a goodwill ambassador to the United Nations.

Now it’s my responsibility to train him in June, when I need a guy NOW, and I (over ten years’ experience with the company) will be changing my schedule to accommodate the intern’s summer plans.

At least it won’t be forever. The Hindu has already committed to getting a bachelor’s degree in another career field starting in the fall so if the position becomes permanent, we’ll still have to hire & train someone else anyway.

This is how the white genocide happens, and why white male me once came close to killing myself in despair over ever being able to get a job. I gave Boss four good options. I doubt all were white; frankly, I wanted that bootstrapping security guard regardless of race. He showed initiative, self-reliance & aversion to debt and I like that. Boss ignored them all, not even an interview, in order to hire a H1bbie baby who’ll be available to work ‘soon’. Briefly. On his terms.

Why do Baby Boomers do this? Why? Perhaps because, in hindsight, none of my four candidates went to college. They were competent without college and I guess that’s a bad thing?


4 thoughts on “Hiring Rant

  1. Yup. The hatred is glaring at that institution.

    They had 190 candidates for a recently advertised Asst Prof position. Yet they lie that there’s a need for more women and minorities to get into the field. And they overtly throw out the white male applicants to further diversity.

    Same thing is going on at my company. Overtly. We can’t do enough to publicize that we hired female African immigrants, and want to more!

    Several of my peers are veterans, w/ kids, but they don’t seem concerned about it. I’m not really sure why.


  2. I meant at the university I was discussing at Dalrock’s site. Sorry for the vague stream-of-consciousness post.


  3. It isn’t mere hatred because that hiring manager also hired me. There was a surreal scene during the interview in which he tried to convince the Hindu to cancel his college plans in order to stay with the company, this before he’d worked Day 1. Why? The Gay Area is not lacking for Hindus and the kid had already put down his college & housing deposits. It felt like Boss was trying to earn the approval of the interviewee.

    White guilt? College preselection? Virtue-signaling, since my department technically didn’t need a skilled worker? It’s certainly a pattern to hire a few skilled white men to do the work of many Diversity Hires but that’s most often a defense against lawsuits and I’m shielded from that.


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