Now 13 Cities Oppose Moonbeam’s Sanctuary State

Newport Beach voted 7-0 UNANIMOUSLY for sanity. Sourced from Fox News: San Diego County still scheduled for Apr. 17 vote. My, my, how odd that all these sanctuary state killjoys happen to be so close to the Mexican border. Don't they realize they're poised to be the primary beneficiaries of this illegal law? Don't they … Continue reading Now 13 Cities Oppose Moonbeam’s Sanctuary State

Worst Crisis Actor EVER

Parkland, Florida is getting farcically ridiculous. A teacher at Parkland, Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High—who said he’d be willing to arm himself at school to protect students—has been accused of leaving his loaded handgun in a public restroom, where it was picked up and fired by a drunk homeless man. The Miami Herald reported chemistry teacher … Continue reading Worst Crisis Actor EVER

California Medicine: Cyanide From India

Christ told us that if the End Times would not be shortened that nobody would survive. The California state government is obliging Him: the Golden State's death spiral is tightening into a tornado. SACRAMENTO, CALIF.  California's government would set prices for hospital stays, doctor visits and other health care services under legislation introduced Monday, … Continue reading California Medicine: Cyanide From India

Charisma Magazine Reports No Church Discipline

Another trip to the bottomless well of Charisma Magazine. "In Wake of Recent Sex Scandals, Do Churches Actually Discipline Members?" More than 8 in 10 Protestant senior pastors say their church has not disciplined a member in the past year. More than half say they don't know of a case when someone has been … Continue reading Charisma Magazine Reports No Church Discipline

Dirty Sheriff Bill Gore

On April 17, the county of San Diego is scheduled to vote on whether to join the Federal lawsuit against California's sanctuary state law. Supervisor Dianne Jacob is spearheading the vote and expects it to pass on a 3-2 margin. Opposing this vote is a serious dirtbag of a San Diego County Sheriff, Bill … Continue reading Dirty Sheriff Bill Gore

Larry No Grok Jesus

An insightful exchange at Fabius Maximus. Gunner Q 5 April 2018 at 9:37 am “After 235 years, our government is bound by self-imposed rolls of red tape: all these “concerns”, rules, and useful but over-applied laws.” In hindsight, this was the work of the Deep State. Such red tape empowers career bureaucrats at the … Continue reading Larry No Grok Jesus