MGTOW Life: Incel Jihad?

Commenter Hmm found an interesting article about the latest mass killing in Toronto. (Sigh, I can’t tell the difference between a terrorist attack and a slut who dropped her smartphone. It’s all driving on the sidewalk.)

Actual article for discussion

“Hours before the Toronto van attack, a post on the Facebook profile of the chief suspect declared that “the incel rebellion has already begun, we will overthrow all the Chads and Stacys”.

The message has brought new-found attention to the so-called incel movement, one of the stranger offshoots of the “alt right”, and led to calls for the attack to be recognised as an act of far-right terrorism.”

What is ‘incel’? Explaining the cryptic Facebook message allegedly left by Toronto attacker

The post reads in full: “Private (Recruit) Minassian Infantry 00010, wishing to speak to Sgt. 4chan please. C23249161. The Incel Rebellion has already begun! We will overthrow all the Chads and Stacys! All hail the Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger!”

Frankly, it’s a lot of hot air over a special-needs Sperg who, according to Turd Flinging Monkey, once tried suicide by cop with a toy gun. But the pundits are wagging the dog so there are some profitable comments to be made.

First, calling “incel” a movement is like calling irritable bowel syndrome a movement. It’s only true in the absolute most technical sense of the word. Nobody volunteers for involuntary celibacy but if you find yourself there, you can connect with guys having the same problem.

Second, the incel forums don’t offer solutions. MGTOW is a solution. PUA. MRA. Some religions. We’re the people who internalize our incel status in order to gain control over it. They are the people who externalize incel status. Just like the Antifa student activists I sometimes hear howling at the moon, they are people who find power and pleasure in nurturing grievances against society. It doesn’t even matter what the grievance is. Your women won’t hump me! They don’t hire enough blacks! Somebody clubbed a baby seal in Nepal!

Third, it’s cruel to force intelligent men to live without licit sex… but self-destructive to force stupid men to live without sex. A guy who can’t think his way out of his problems is likely to fight his way out instead. Can you be honestly surprised that violence is the result when you back into a corner a man for whom violence is the only clear solution?

Men are breaking under the strain of modern life. The dimmer bulbs like Minassian are the first to pop but it’ll get worse, when highly intelligent yet frustrated atheist men finally accept that the only way they’ll get sex or attention is to take it by force.

It won’t be me. I’m Christian. God has promised to reward me should I endure a sexless life and it’s a comforting thought. Father will repay me for “the years that the moths have eaten”. Atheist men have no such hope & comfort. Great work, you Christ-hating fools. Your own people become your enemies even as you pursue our destruction.

For the incel men reading this, I can tell you as a fellow incel that things will improve. Your body throttles down beginning around age 35. There will come a time when you wouldn’t accept sex if you were offered a perfect 10. There are two tricks to getting here. One, don’t get discouraged. Try to keep clean of immorality like porn—you’ll fail repeatedly, this is normal, just keep trying. And two, do something else. Sex isn’t everything. Nurturing grievances is a common alternative to sex because it engages your emotions almost as strongly… but keep looking. You want a healthy alternative, not a murderous alternative.

At a minimum, go hit rocks with a stick. It feels surprisingly good when you’re in a foul mood.


3 thoughts on “MGTOW Life: Incel Jihad?

  1. Incels are in a very hard situation. It’s called a vicious circle. We all have the potential to fall into one. We have all been in one Christian or not. The problem with Incels that this vicious circle just happens to be concerning sex / dating / love / romance…….

    A very big thing. I suppose I could be considered incel in aspects. Some can overcome it…..some can indeed live with it. The incels I have known and met are truly stuck. Some no matter “what” they do are still gonna be there at 20, 35,39,47,59……..

    We live in a sex soaked culture today…..ambient porn……..a man’s status in the matters of the opposite sex (EVEN in the Christian world sad to say) is of course a powerful pull and “judgment” about how cool you are in the flock and with other men.

    I’ve dealt with a plenty of married men or men who are a hit with da’ ladies inside and out of church who have to gently smear mty nose in my own mess (even if I didn’t make the mess at times) like an un-housebroken dog. Telling incels that they just have to lose weight, or learn “Game” (ughhh that would be a death sentence to them, it would make them worse, depressed, or suicidal), or tell them to quit going to ‘Star Trek’ conventions,,,,,,,,whatever. It usually won’t work. What does work?

    The Incels who I have met and known who have turned it around learned the hard way that they do have a cross to bear, some of their situation may not be their fault, and acceptance of “hey, it just didn’t work out” I may take years, or the rest of their life.

    I know, I know easier said than done.

    I don’t pity party them because I relate to them……with that said I do understand the deep pain.

    The church (protestant especially) could be a very outreaching force to help these folks, but you know it’s still easier to “let someone else do it” and not walk deeper with someone. The bile and pain must come out from them……but somene has to do it. Then the healing, change or acceptance can begin.


  2. “Incels are in a very hard situation. It’s called a vicious circle.”

    A hard situation, yes, but not a feedback loop. The incel is merely stuck at zero. He must choose how he responds to the problem. The incel forums offer the solution of turning sexual frustration into hatred of society. Sublimating lust into anger is effective–both are strong emotions for men–but that’s how one become a Social Justice Warrior swinging bicycle chains at innocent skulls or driving over random pedestrians on the sidewalk.

    PUAhate is an excellent example of this. Why direct hatred at a group of successful men who offer their advice? Maybe it doesn’t work for you, it happens, but why hate those who sincerely try to help? The incel forums’ answer, because they are successful and we are not. The forums don’t want solutions. They want to feed their grudges.

    Which brings us to Minassian’s chosen solution. He didn’t try to rape-rape a woman, the solution one would expect of a sexually furious man. He lashed out at general society. For him, killing random people was an act of sex.

    There are better channels for pent-up sexual energy but the shortest and simplest is turning it into anger and lashing out.


  3. Most the incel’s I know are married men. Certainly was true for me, and nothing has fucked with my head and soul like being a married incel.

    The rarest thing on tbis earth is Christian mercy extended to a struggling man.

    Platitudes and gay shit like that? The church crowd will pour that on a man like rain. Genuine brotherly love and load sharing? Not so much.

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