David French Indicates Boomerism

I’ve been waiting to cover Sacramento’s latest effort to ban Christianity because the real story is not Sacramento. They’ve been banning Christianity for years and the Church has yet to give the first damn about it. Humanity is fortunate if the Church even notices its own persecution. That’s the real story: how the Church will react to what could effectively be a direct ban on Christianity.

The answer thus far: David French.

David French, David French, David French. That guy is quoted more than the law in question (Assembly Bill AB2943). Who is David French? Some guy who talked about it on National Review.

Lots of people are talking about the bill so why is French the bad penny that keeps turning up? Occam’s Razor says the Church is taking its cues from National Review.

This is an established character trait of Baby Boomers. When television was limited to the Big Three networks and newspapers weren’t yet mouthpieces for Reuters and Associated Press, people became loyal to their preferred source of info. (To the point of literally arguing at the television.) But there’s no excuse for such info-loyalty today. Sane people don’t choose who to blindly trust. Willfully ignorant people who don’t want the responsibility of being human do.

I hate to think that the national priorities of every church organization in USA is dictated at least partially by the content of William Buckley’s secular, controlled-opposition National Review. But it does explain a lot.

Me being a lifetime Californian who is not dependent upon others for my beliefs, let me give the straight facts about Sacramento’s shenanigans: the Church here banned the Bible years ago. When I was a kid, people brought Bibles on Sunday. There were five Bibles per pew for those who didn’t. Watch your step or you’ll trip on a Bible.

Today, no Bibles in the pews. No hymnals. Nobody brings their own. It’s all projected on the screen. Why object to the banning of Bibles when your church no longer uses them?

Sacramento banned professionals from helping people heal their sexual damage years ago. The Church didn’t care. Why does it care now that we’re banning amateurs? If they were okay with not trusting professionals then they shouldn’t trust amateurs, either. Answer, they still don’t care. This is just a little theater in case somebody asks an uncomfortable question.

The ultimate fallout, assuming this gets implemented, is that all churches will be pleased to universally adopt the NIV Bible translation, that is, the feminist Not-Inspired Version and continue worshiping Boyfriend Jesus and his inclusively pansexual parent-deity. Because if they choose any differently, they’ll be sharing a prison cell with Bubba the Untreated Homosexual. Or worse, they’ll have to start paying taxes on their income.

Any church that won’t directly involve itself in politics is a church that doesn’t give a damn about what the politicians do.


One thought on “David French Indicates Boomerism

  1. Bravo! Applause! Will add more later. In two weeks I will be a “California” (I will have spent more of myu life here than my native, domiciled New York State (during undergrad I lived in Vermont, but I still voted in New York State, went home for the sumemrs)

    Will add more later that will shock you!


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