San Diego County Supports Trump! 3-1

The freight train of sanity is rolling on the tracks with a much-belated load of common sense. The anti-American San Diego Union Tribune reports:

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted 3-1 Tuesday to support the Trump administration’s lawsuit against California over so-called sanctuary laws that the state passed last year to limit its role in immigration enforcement.

Wow, butthurt dishonesty right off the first paragraph. Sacramento is OUTLAWING immigration enforcement for ALL governments, corporations and private citizens in California.

The county will file an amicus brief at the first available opportunity, likely if and when the case moves to a higher court on appeal, said Supervisor Kristin Gaspar, chairwoman of the board.

The board voted in closed session after 45 minutes of public comment in which most speakers in the packed chambers urged the supervisors to vote against supporting the lawsuit.

Margaret Baker, who lives near the border, told the board that backing the lawsuit will discourage immigrants from reporting crime.

David Garcias, president of the San Diego chapter of the union that represents county government employees, told the supervisors, “I believe you’re on the wrong side of history. This will affect your legacy.”

The first people to speak in the article are social justice warriors who refuse to acknowledge the crime of tresspass. Illegal immigrants don’t want to report crimes they know about in fear they’ll be punished for the crime they committed? Yeah, kid, connect those dots.

The three supervisors who voted to support the lawsuit said it was about public safety.

“We’re talking about people who are crossing the border illegally, coming into this county and committing a crime and them being let loose probably to commit another crime,” said Dianne Jacob, supervisor for the district that covers East County. “That creates a public-safety issue and creates a problem in our neighborhoods.”

She worried about terrorists crossing the border illegally, she said.

“This is a different day than it was 20, 30, 40 years ago,” Jacob said. “That’s why it was important for us to stand up, as controversial as it was.”

Gaspar said San Diego was safer before the new laws, specifically Senate Bill 54, went into effect. SB 54 limits the ways in which local law enforcement officers can interact with federal immigration officials.

“The status quo was safer in San Diego,” she said, adding that now immigration officers make more arrests out in the community because they can’t make those arrests at jails. “The best place for ICE to be is in the jail and not out in the community.”

During the announcement of the vote, Gaspar showed printouts of emails she received from each side of the debate. The stack of emails criticizing her for considering support for the lawsuit was not much thicker than a legal pad. The stack of emails asking her to support the Trump administration’s legal challenge was more than a foot tall.

Gaspar, Jacob and Supervisor Bill Horn, who represents the northernmost part of the county, voted to support the lawsuit. Supervisor Greg Cox, whose district covers the South Bay, voted against it. Supervisor Ron Roberts, who represents central San Diego, was traveling abroad and did not attend the meeting.

Cox said immigration issues need to be solved in Washington.

Cox is right, actually–border control is unquestionably a Federal responsibility–but it’s an act of treason to intentionally interfere with Federal efforts. Greg Cox is a traitor to the United States for trying to shelter foreign criminals within U.S. borders.

“The board’s vote is a largely symbolic move that will create fear and divisiveness in our region…

The Third-World-immigrants-at-all-costs politician thinks creating division in society is a bad thing? And if it’s only symbolic then why do you care? Because it creates fear and division, you say? Then it’s not symbolic. Classic Gamma doublespeak. “You’re a powerless nobody who should shut up because you influence people!”

..waste taxpayer funds…

Immigration enforcement is something that only government can do effectively. It is why we pay taxes in the first place.

..and create distrust of law enforcement and local government within many communities,” Cox said.

Suck a dick, Cox. You want a nightmare scenario: an illegal immigrant going to law enforcement with confidence to seek protection from legitimate residents of the country.

The Department of Justice filed the lawsuit against California at the beginning of March over three laws.

Mr. Trump, you’re killing me. Stop working within the system created by the Deep State for the Deep State’s protection. Start giving your enemies perp walks in handcuffs to military custody in Gitmo.

SB 54, the law that received the most publicity when it passed, allows officers to turn unauthorized immigrants over to federal immigration enforcement agencies only if they have committed crimes listed in the legislation. It says local police cannot participate in task forces that are focused on immigration enforcement.

It also requires the California attorney general to set policies limiting assistance with immigration enforcement at public schools, libraries and hospitals.

Like I said at the beginning: Sacramento is outlawing cooperation with Federal law enforcement even for private citizens.

Assembly Bill 103 prohibits local governments across California from adding new contracts with the federal government for civil immigration detention or expanding old ones. It also requires the California Attorney General’s Office to monitor conditions in existing immigration detention facilities in the state.

Obstruction of justice, anybody? Bueller?

AB 450 prohibits employers from voluntarily allowing immigration officials into non-public areas of the workplace unless the officers have judicial warrants. It also requires employers to notify employees about upcoming immigration inspections.

Treason, anybody? “ICE is coming! ICE is coming! Hide the criminals! I’ll stall them by demanding paperwork!”

Several critics of the lawsuit cited a January 2017 study by UC San Diego professor Tom Wong, published by the Center for American Progress, that found crime rates are higher in non-sanctuary counties. (Asked about the study, Gaspar declined to comment, saying she hadn’t seen it.)

It’s true. “Our crime rate dropped the instant we decided illegal immigration is no longer a crime!”

About a dozen people who spoke in support of the lawsuit told supervisors that the sanctuary laws were an overreach of state power and were concerned that they would inhibit the federal government from deporting people with criminal convictions.

Stella May told the board that “the laws act to protect criminal illegals.”

She used the example of Kate Steinle, a case often cited by President Donald Trump and his supporters in arguing for tougher immigration restrictions. Steinle, 32, was fatally shot by a man who had been released from a San Francisco jail a few months earlier and had several previous deportations.

I don’t like how opposition to illegal immigration relies heavily on “they might commit other crimes, too”. It reeks of female morality (seek safety) when it should be masculine (seek justice and impartiality). Eh, it’s getting the job done. For now.

Cyrus Hojjaty, a 25-year-old Las Vegas resident whose family is from Iran, said that California’s policies were “embarrassing” and “disgusting.” He said his parents “did it the right way.”

He worried that his state’s border with California would mean those policies have an effect where he lives.

“You go to Europe, they’re being flooded with non-whites,” he said.

Even the Iranians see the problem. Why can’t whites?

“This proposal is only about fear and hatred,” Neal José Wilkinson, a priest at a Barrio Logan church, told the crowd outside the building. “We need law enforcement to protect all of our people, regardless of immigration status. If they’re not protecting all of us, they’re not protecting any of us.”

The Catholic Church is a major driver of illegal immigration into California. I’m informed this is not a Vatican-endorsed priority… but it is endorsed by the U.S. Council of Bishops.

I don’t think much of people who believe Ortho/Catholic denominations are the good guys. We all have dirty laundry these days. The ability to hide it is a negative, not a positive.

Ismahan Abdullahi of the Partnership for the Advancement of New Americans said San Diego’s strength is its diversity.

“Led by our values, we want to take our region forward, not backward,” Abdullahi said.

The terrorists are already complaining. I must credit Trump, the bad guys freak out when the Don so much as combs his hair.

Inside the board chambers, Milad Torabi, a member of San Diego Border Dreamers, told the supervisors that immigrant communities are “the eyes and ears” for local police.

Yeah, they spy on each other in lieu of being prosecuted for their own crimes. If there’s a second play in the FBI playbook, I haven’t seen it.

I don’t want ANY community to be the “eyes and ears” of police. I don’t want to live in a society where people are encouraged, or pressured, to spy on each other. This applies in the negative as well. Don’t punish me for recognizing that crime is crime. I’m looking at you, Sacramento.


2 thoughts on “San Diego County Supports Trump! 3-1

  1. ‘The Catholic Church is a major driver of illegal immigration into California. I’m informed this is not a Vatican-endorsed priority… but it is endorsed by the U.S. Council of Bishops.

    I don’t think much of people who believe Ortho/Catholic denominations are the good guys. We all have dirty laundry these days. The ability to hide it is a negative, not a positive.’

    I’ve read the stories about the bishop leadership in LA, San Diego, and San Francisico diocese. You won’t get an arguement from me about the dirty laundry in those parishes. Rumor has it they get some sweet shekels for doing the government’s dirty work instead of the Lord’s.


  2. If I blamed everybody in the RCC for what those specific bishops did then you’d be right to blame me for Doug Wilson. The church is such a mess these days.


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