Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

The increasing calls for USA’s breakup are frustrating. When in human history did appeasement ever work? “Too many migrants have moved in here. Let’s let them keep the land, farms and factories they’ve seized; we’ll fall back and draw a new border.” Of all the potential solutions I’ve heard, rewarding evil by formally ceding resources strikes me as the absolute worst, most cucked-up one.

Three points:

First, the welfare state. Do you believe that the parasites will let the taxpayers walk away? That they’ll learn to feed themselves just because they have to? Of course not. The Dindus would swarm the next border in the same way they swarmed the last.

Drain the welfare swamp and the parasites will leave voluntarily. No concessions needed.

Second point, what would happen if California seceded? Would the women in your neighborhood stop voting and quietly return to the kitchen? Would your schools flip around the day the Left Coast quits? As for California, once it went bankrupt (overnight) it would simply swear fealty to Communist China. The reason people want California gone in the first place is its communist leadership so it’s a natural and inevitable matchup. China would then have a powerful foothold in North America. Would that improve your situation?

Don’t reward our treacherous leaders by green-lighting their best-case endgame. Arrest them for treason, obstruction of justice, mass child abuse and the many other crimes they have committed.

And third point, the collapse of national identities and boundaries is not happening in a vacuum. It’s a globalist plot for one-world government, which obviously will only be appealing when civilization everywhere is so messed up that centralized despotism looks like a good idea. A united USA remains a potential threat to that plot. A patchwork of mutually hostile tribes is begging for conquest. Possibly literally. There’s already enough calls in society for a strongman, er, “solutions” to take charge and make our problems go away to reaffirm the truth of being careful what you wish for.

The “Nation of Bob Jenkins, population: his wife and kids” will not be a speedbump to the New World Order. Instead of grabbing our own slices of the pie while we can, let’s try to keep the pie together… if only to spite the social engineering utopians.

Or as Christ said to the Church at Thyatira, “hold on to what you have until I come”.


6 thoughts on “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

  1. Do you believe that the parasites will let the taxpayers walk away?
    Nope. The damnyankees needed the tax money in 1860 and they need it even more now.

    Though I have desire to hold onto a political union with those people


  2. Foolish beyond measure to voluntarily cede those modern, efficient deep water ports and access to the Pacific. I’ve heard the Chinese are taking them over anyway with payola and getting all the port operating bids, but at least if it’s still your own territory you can do a quick retrieval under eminent domain.


  3. “Though I have [no] desire to hold onto a political union with those people”

    Ah, but our turn is coming… and they’ve given us so many fun precedents for thoughtcrimes, surveillance policies and judicial overreach! I especially look forward to seeing children be taken from single mothers to be raised in fundamentalist Christian orphanages at Baby Momma’s expense and imposing dhimmi status upon Muslims.

    “Don’t worry, Mr. Soyboy. We won’t punish you for being a Christ-hating Communist because we’re a tolerant and freedom-loving people. We’ll just punish your landlords, employers, business partners, friends and family for associating with you. By the way, you hurt my feelings. Prepare to be punished.”

    ” I’ve heard the Chinese are taking them over anyway…”

    Yep, China is buying California with its trade surplus. Also Washington state. I suppose if Trump’s new tariffs stay in force, Sacramento’s next major priority will be defying Federal enforcement of trade restrictions. You read it here first!

    It’ll be interesting, however, to watch La Raza and PRC hash it out for supremacy in Los Angeles. I can almost see them accepting white control as a compromise.


  4. Personally I would never trust the yankees to not fuck us over at some point further down the line

    They have a lot of history to over come, all most all of it being anti Southern White man

    As for deep water ports, the South ain’t exactly short on them either.


  5. True on good Atlantic and Gulf ports Ton, but that ain’t really the problem. Container ship or US Navy surface ship Yokohama to Long Beach is about 11 days steaming. East coast via the canal maybe double, and almost triple it for Cape Horn route. So that’s a trade issue for the US and the Asian tigers, but it’s small fry compared to the naval presence and travel time. That becomes a game changer.

    Losing direct access to the Pacific theoretically bases most US Naval vessels primarily in Atlantic and Gulf ports (BTW how is Hawaii going to be at play in this? It is a highly converged zone). Lose CA, how long until the OR and WA dominoes fall? Their coastal cities already lean as far left as you can get. Soon enough maybe our entire Pacific flank is under the care of whatever soup sandwich the new CA/OR/WA puts together. Which as the OP states will probably just roll out the red carpet for the Chicoms.

    CA for us will become what South Korea is for them now with the American military camped there.


  6. There are some serious ass terrain features between us and the left coast.

    Mean while yankees and the folks on the left coast do all they can to destroy a way of life. No one needs friends like them


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