Rats Gonna Scurry

Increasingly, I believe that the desire for a comprehensive retirement plan is a moral red flag. It was always curious to me how so many people look forward to a time when they can choose to become irrelevant to society, when they can stop producing and focus on endless consumerism… or bury themselves in a dark hole, which is actually worse. Going to the mall at least gets you out of the house.

The second clue is their reaction to people (like me) who don’t want to retire. I may be forced into a nursing home by poor health someday but I won’t go voluntarily. Age 85 and still able to work, that’s a reward for clean living and self-discipline in my book. One must retire TO something in my opinion, not FROM his life as he’s ever known it. That idea seemed to be frightening or even emotionally painful to the a certain type of person. Very strange.

Unless, of course, that person lives in such a way that he sees retirement as an escape plan. It’s a bad sign when the captain of a ship is obsessed with keeping the lifeboats exceptionally well-stocked and -maintained. Similarly, it’s a bad sign when your co-worker’s dream for the future is a golden parachute that can be deployed at a moment’s notice.

Which brings me to the topic at hand: the courageous Massachusetts State Trooper Ryan Sceviour. I blogged on him before, link below, but I like my posts to have closure so I looked him up again to see how he was faring. It was glorious.

Recap, Trooper Sceviour responded to an alcohol-related car crash and arrested Alli Bibaud after finding a heroin kit. She turned out to be a senior judge’s daughter and helpfully discussed her heroin habits with the trooper along with an offer for sex. Sceviour’s superiors later ordered him to sanitize that info out of his report. Sceviour refused and filed a lawsuit.


Ms. Bibaud has since plead guilty to heroin charges.

From http://www.telegram.com/news/20180306/former-mass-state-police-major-seeks-dismissal-of-lawsuit-over-arrest-report-on-judges-daughter

Former Massachusetts State Police Maj. Susan Anderson has filed a motion to dismiss a federal civil rights lawsuit against her, saying her alleged misdeeds against a state trooper who is suing the major were neither “truly horrendous” nor “inspired by malice or sadism.”

Maj. Anderson allegedly told Trooper Ryan Sceviour that an arrest report written by the trooper about a judge’s daughter contained “negative and derogatory statements” about the woman. Maj. Anderson allegedly ordered the trooper to create a new arrest report for the file in Central District Court in Worcester. The trooper is suing the former major.

Maj. Anderson, in announcing her retirement last month, joined the exodus of top state police officials since the arrest of Alli Bibaud, daughter of Dudley District Court Judge Timothy Bibaud. Trooper Sceviour alleges in his lawsuit that alteration of the report already filed in the Worcester court would constitute a criminal act and is a felony.

In her motion to dismiss, Maj. Anderson alleges that her actions fail to rise to the level of “shocking” the consciousness of the public, in a legal sense, and therefore the case against her should be dismissed. She denies wrongdoing, as does the former head of the state police, Richard McKeon, who was colonel and then superintendent.

A lawyer representing Trooper Sceviour on Monday filed a motion in opposition, referring to the effort to dismiss the complaint as a “piece-meal and slanted presentation by Defendant Anderson.”

“Of course, Defendant Anderson would have the Court believe that the sudden retirement of all four of the top officials in the State Police who were involved was a coincidence … and that they all shared a sudden urge ‘to spend more time with family’ while the Attorney General and State Ethics Commission investigate their criminal conduct,” the trooper’s attorney, Leonard Kesten wrote in opposing the motion to dismiss.

The intrepid trooper has the bad guys on the run!

People used to trust their kids to care for them in old age, or in themselves after a lifetime of saving up, or at least the Church as a backup. But then our society betrayed its own heirs, then abandoned its faith in Christ and finally quit trusting itself to be ready for the hard times. Result, the wicked both claim there’s nothing wrong with what they do and are desperate to secure a gov’t-backed exit before what they do is discovered.

Is the Deep State a Machiavellian creation of ultrapowerful banksters? Or is it simply petty bureaucrats trying to flee before any pursue?

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