I Need A New E-Mail Address

My personal-use email has been with Yahoo for a long time. I just logged in today and discovered Yahoo is now part of a multimedia conglomerate called Oath. This is Oath’s way of saying hello:

How we collect and use data.

We’ve updated some of the ways we collect and analyze user data in order to deliver services, content, relevant advertising and abuse protection.

This includes: analyzing content and information when you use our services (including emails, instant messages, posts, photos, attachments, and other communications), linking your activity on other sites and apps with information we have about you, and providing anonymized and/or aggregated reports to other parties regarding user trends.

No, I do not approve of being data-mined into oblivion every time I use the Internet for anything, even though you’re now being nice enough to practice informed consent: you inform and expect me to consent.

Key Points in Terms of Service

We’ve added a mutual arbitration clause.

Hopefully, disputes will never be an issue, but in the case of one, this allows a third-party arbitrator to help us resolve them. We’ve also added a class action waiver. These provisions are an important part of our relationship with you, so please read them carefully.

No more testifying before Congress for you, Big Brother?

We’ve specified the legal entity that provides each service to you.
For some services, this may be a different entity than the entity that previously provided the service. We’ve also reserved the right to transfer the providing entity for each service in the future.

MGTOW… urge… rising…

If you are using our Services on behalf of a company, business or other entity, or if you are using our Services for commercial purposes, we’ve added an indemnity provision, which requires you and the entity to protect us against certain legal actions.

What… the… frick… Dude, I will not protect you from a parking ticket let alone prosecution for electronic fraud via my day job. You should’ve thought twice about how you “collect and use data on other sites and apps”.

New York law now governs and New York, New York is the designated forum.

New York City was the second least reassuring choice of legal arena you could have chosen. Only D.C. would’ve been worse. San Francisco would have been better, if only because I would’ve had the option to go Female Persian Muslim on your lunch hour.


So, what e-mail provider do you guys use? I find myself in urgent need of a virtual relocation.


6 thoughts on “I Need A New E-Mail Address

  1. go to “protonmail” and setup an account. That is where mine is. It has strict privacy guidelines and is based in a “true neutral country” which is Switzerland


  2. Concur with protonmail if a change is in order. I’ve only recently learned of it (thanks Jason!) while sphere reading, but it looks good on early efforts. Wondering if it’s worth the pain of migrating the way-too-many existing points of business from the current one.

    It’s free up to some level of storage, and they also have (naturally) a way to send them money for more capability, I think.


  3. You may also want to try Startmail. They don’t track info either. There is however a yearly fee, but it is worth it IMO.


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