Larry No Grok Jesus

An insightful exchange at Fabius Maximus.

Gunner Q
5 April 2018 at 9:37 am
“After 235 years, our government is bound by self-imposed rolls of red tape: all these “concerns”, rules, and useful but over-applied laws.”

In hindsight, this was the work of the Deep State. Such red tape empowers career bureaucrats at the expense of our elected leaders–quite a power grab.

Larry Kummer, Editor
5 April 2018 at 10:23 am

That’s true, but not the real explanation. Every single post I write about American reform brings forth the response “It’s Not Our Fault.” We’re just the customers of the American cafe, whining that the service is not what people of such awesomeness deserves.

The Founders gave us the machinery to govern ourselves. If we’re to lazy to operate it, that is our fault.

The second stage excuses I get, in reply to the above, is that we face big bad people. Little weak us have to surrender without a fight. The Founders cry every time they hear this.

By this logic, the North Koreans deserve to be starved by their government because they aren’t bothering to replace it. But never mind. This was going to be another MGTOW rant but while writing it, I ended up taking a remarkable detour. Larry is rejecting God with this response, not the MGTOW movement. Notice how he insists, three times, that we are powerful enough to change society by ourselves.

Nietzsche said it better with “The world is the will to power—and nothing besides!” If you don’t like the way things are then become strong, will oneself to victory, be the ubermenschen! Break some eggs and make an omelet!

What is missing in this social calculus is religion. God.

In point of fact, Christ gave and demonstrated the solution to leaders’ corruption: expose and call out the evil deeds of wicked men. Simple but there’s a problem here: in order to call out evil, one must first accept that evil exists and has been defined by God, not humans. Another problem, doing so will make your mortal life uncomfortable. And possibly brief.

Only Christians are capable of making a morally good society because we are the only ones who follow the God of Truth. (Some other religions come closer to Truth than others.) Our society went evil the day it denied God and it will only become good when it accepts God once again. Not when “our team” seizes the reins of power. How would “our team” behave differently if we use the same definitions of victory and success as “them”?

Larry keeps reaching for a patch on his blog, a solution that will enable the world to continue rebelling against Christ without the inevitable consequences. Blaming the victims of the rebellion such as MGTOWs is a stopgap solution while he searches for the next political movement, the next charismatic statesman, that magical economic MacGuffin that will cleanse our societies of sin and trade deficits. Nietzsche’s Ubermensch.

I can guess what would happen if he found himself a legislator in Congress: the same realization that occurred to every other well-meaning, Godless legislator in the last half century. “If I do right by society and keep my promises, I will suffer personally and society will probably not be better off. If I go along to get along then my life, the only life I have, will be happy and materially successful at the expense of a theoretical ‘the future’.”

A Christian can make that decision because he’s playing the real game of “keeping my promise will enhance my immortal soul” and “God will reward me for suffering in order to do good”. But an atheist never will. The atheist says “in the long run, we are all dead anyway”.

That’s what the bureaucrats did when they created the Deep State. They rejected God and replaced him with a new model of Government that, surprise, would be run by them. It wasn’t altruism or even arrogance that led them to do this. It was atheism. If you have no soul, no future beyond the grave then why would you NOT abuse your power to win at the game of life? Even if you don’t want to.

That is the real game. Look, America is going to die. Maybe today, maybe in a thousand years. But your soul will not. It will outlive your country and the stars in the sky. Whether you want it to or not. Most people don’t, kings and pawns alike, because the kind of person we need to be for eternity is not the kind of person we need to be for exploiting a brief window of opportunity.
Giving up and going MGTOW is not defeat. It is focusing on the most important priority a man can have, his self, in an age when society seeks the destruction of his self. In a cosmic irony, that is also how you fix the mortal world: by putting the more important, immortal concerns first. Or as Christ put it in Matthew 6:33, But seek first God’s kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.
Men and women are different. So are the God-fearing and Godless.

No society is greater than the religion of its people. The current religion of the West is Evolution: might makes right, human life has no intrinsic value and women are the gatekeepers of virtue. Does that sound like your society? Well, that’s why.


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