Doctors To Soldiers: Stop Weightlifting

The Nanny State is targeting the US military’s toxic masculinity with more than high heels:

“Weightlifting Injuries Common for Deployed U.S. Troops”

TUESDAY, April 3, 2018 (HealthDay News) — An “alarming” number of weightlifting injuries occur among U.S. military personnel in combat zones, according to a new study.

Intense weightlifting workouts help the armed forces stay in peak condition during deployment. But surgeons reported that during four months in a forward field hospital, they treated nine active duty male members for pectoralis major tears that occurred during bench press weight training.

This is a serious type of chest muscle injury that’s relatively rare among civilians. For example, a shoulder-and-elbow surgeon may see an average of less than one pectoralis tear a year, the researchers said.

The male patients, ages 23 to 52, required surgery to repair the injury and then six months to recover. Four were in the Army, and five in the Air Force. Three were officers and six were enlisted men.

At the time of injury, the men bench-pressed anywhere from 135 pounds to 415 pounds, with an average of 258 pounds.

Deployed active duty personnel “likely represent a high-risk population for this injury,” wrote study lead author Dr. Dane Salazar and colleagues.

Salazar is a former Air Force orthopedic surgeon and currently an orthopedic surgeon at Loyola University Health System in Maywood, Ill. …

To reduce the risk of pectoralis injuries, the military should ban maximum-weight bench press competitions. Also, service members should lift lighter weights with more repetitions, the surgeons suggested.

Men are naturally competitive. In an environment like the military, that competitive streak can easily make the difference between life and death; nobody wants to be “second best” on the battlefield. The participation ribbon is a body bag. This goes doubly so when a soldier is deployed. Why would he not spend every waking moment preparing to be the winner at “kill or be killed”? Is there something else to do at a Shittistan FOB?

Of course training accidents are going to happen at a much higher rate than if “good enough” was the gold standard. How can a former Air Force surgeon not understand this concept? Will Special Forces not be allowed to practice rappelling out of helicopters? (“You’re already certified. Why do you want to keep trying?”) God save us from leadership that is more worried about training accidents than deaths “downrange”.


11 thoughts on “Doctors To Soldiers: Stop Weightlifting

  1. Most folks are remfs/ fobbits. Extremely boring jobs. They would go insane with out lifting weights and they go back home in better shape then when they leave.

    War fighters go home in worse shape then when they arrive


  2. Huh. I hadn’t thought of that. So maybe the docs are “It’s too late to get ready, you’re already here, don’t try for an overnight miracle in the weight room you idiot desk jockey.”


  3. 1. Most Air Force surgeons barely qualify as knowing anything about military life.

    2. Ton nails it. Most “deployed troops” stand their watches, eat chow, and then there’s nothing to do but watch movies or workout. The ones operating outside the wire are too tired to lift weights.


  4. I thought most military medical staff were trained in-house. Known a lot of doctors who got their education started with enlistment but maybe that was just being a medic until the GI Bill kicked in or something.

    Also, growing up in Los Angeles, the military reportedly rotated its trauma surgeons through UCLA Medical Center and other inner-city emergency rooms because gang warfare provided good experience in treating gunshot & knife wounds during peacetime. So I thought “civilian surgeon” and “military surgeon” were parallel career tracks.


  5. Military docs are great at saving your ass after a gun shot wound, ied or some werid third world disease no one state side ever heard of.

    Not so much at the more regular stuff. Which is how it should be

    Deployments are mentally/ emotionally/ spiritually dark times for a lot of fobbits. Dont really have the words for it but they are far from home and family without the brotherhood and higher purpose grunts thrive on, with little to do besides work 12 hours a day, jerk off to porn, play video games and work out. Gym time is their healthiest out let they have, many just want to look good nekkid for when they get home to their girl…. who is most likely fucking some other dude while garnering massive sympathy for having a husband/ boy friend down range.

    I am sure it’s a good argument from a duty days lost to weight lifting injury stand point. It’s also a very small slice of the larger picture

    Always keep this in mind when you read shit about the military; all officers above the rank of 05 are a sack of shit. Young officers who are still worth a damn are also young so their worth a damn cred is more about potential then any statement of fact on their current wisdom. Senior ncos pretty much suck ass and for the same reason senior officers suck. They are both chosen for their political reliability and not their ability to lead men, kill bad guys, break shit, move man power and materiel around the battle field etc etc


  6. You’ve got it about right.

    Military doctors are hired for their expertise in medicine, and unless they have some prior service are not really familiar with, or subjected to the usual rigors (not so for enlisted medics/corpsmen, they generally have to participate in the trials and tribulations). Hence my gratuitous remark at the Air Force officer’s expense. It’s hard to pull off an inside joke on the internet. For all I know he did a tour in the infantry before going the med school route, it’s not particularly rare that a doctor might have prior service.

    Often they are hired out of medical school, or sent to medical school on a govt. contract with some time in service owed in lieu of paying school loans. They are usually sent to a brief knife and fork school, dressed in a uniform, given a commissioned rank, and sent to work. No one cares if they are very “GI”. The ones that trained in the high traffic emergency rooms in LA, etc. can end up knowing their job better than the generals running the show.

    It can work about the same way for chaplains, lawyers, and even some particular musicians.


  7. To finish my though

    Anything written by an officer regarding the military is pretty much wrong. The more rank the officer has achieved the more wrong he is. Never forget he was not promoted based on his ablity to win wars but his willingess to enage in all the necessary leftist poltical corretness of the day.


  8. “Anything written by an officer regarding the military is pretty much wrong.”

    This is depressing… but they’re the ones pushing “GI Barbie”, now aren’t they?


  9. GI Barbie. And don’t forget “Ken”.

    The future of America at arms is women and trannies (I don’t know what their current status is, but they’ll be back). Don’t worry about a thing.

    Officers that know this is a maximum risk are falling all over themselves to show how much they are on board with it. It’s worse than just being wrong.


  10. but they’re the ones pushing “GI Barbie”, now aren’t they?

    And all the other leftist bullshit. NCO’s don’t have that kind of pull so it’s all driven by officers and the various levels of civilian authority set over the military. Politicians, govermnet employees etc etc.

    Lots of shit nco’s but you don’t see many articles written by ncos outside of things focusing on weapons and tactics


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