Deep State Lines Up A Kill Shot On Trump

This is a masterful plot to completely discredit Trump and any notion he has for border security. From the Daily Mail:

An army of a thousand migrants from Central America are marching through Mexico to the US where they hope to get in by any means – legal or not. 

The massive flood of migrants hail mostly from Honduras, where the country has become rife with gang violence and political unrest.

The journey began on Sunday March 25 when 1,200 men, women and children gathered together to cross immigration checkpoints with a organization called Pueblos Sin Fronteras, meaning People Without Borders, according to BuzzFeed News.

And the number is only growing as migrants walk to the border in 90-degree heat, sleep on the floor of town plazas, and get by on charity meals by locals and churches.

The plan is simple and obvious. And cruel. A huge, artificial, highly publicized tide of human trash is flung at the southern border of the United States. Once they arrive, Trump will have three options:

  1. Let them in, either by direct sanction or willful ignorance of lawbreaking. Trump’s Presidency is dead.
  2. Stall them at the border. A siege ensues, giving endless propaganda of Trump’s “evil walls”. Americans see Trump as unwilling to take meaningful action. Trump’s Presidency is dead.
  3. Kill them on arrival. Mass slaughter of men, women and children. Illegals stop coming in terror of justice under Trump. Deep State can no longer use illegal immigration as a weapon to destroy America. Americans are grateful to see Trump put America first. America is protected by her government. Reelection guaranteed.

I doubt Trump has the spine for Option 3. So does the Deep State, which is why they think this plan will work. Their plan involves heartless exploitation of the poor & stupid which tells you everything you need to know about the Deep State: if we allow them to win in any way then they will be equally cruel to us. Why not, when cruelty has brought them thus far?

Wow, the Deep State is powerful. Look at the immigration checkpoints vacated to facilitate this march in the linked article.

God damn you, Deep State, for intentionally creating a situation in which a mass killing of unarmed civilians is the right thing to do. As for Trump, this will be either his finest hour or the apotheosis of his globalist enemies.


3 thoughts on “Deep State Lines Up A Kill Shot On Trump

  1. Your analysis is insightful, and draws more respect for President Trump.
    Right now, he is giving this issue a lot of attention, which the media ridicules him for, predictably. He’s responded by using economic clout to persuade central American countries to stop the migrants before they arrive at the border, and with some success – a wise move on Trump’s part.


  2. Thank you! I see Trump is deploying troops to the border, too. He’s playing to win so far but my hunch is the Deep State will take this all the way to bloodshed. It’s timed too perfectly with midterm elections.


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