It Was Something In the Water

It wasn’t long ago that my California was staunchly conservative. How did we change so quickly into such a cesspit of perversion and treason? Did the Elites put something in the water to warp our brains?

Actually, they DID.

The United States Navy.

San Francisco is a major port for the USN. During the Cold War, it was also a major “port of exit” for convicted homosexuals. Half the faggots who put the uniform on between V-J Day and President “Slick Willie” Clinton ended up in San Fran holding a not-honorable discharge.

Some even date this practice earlier to 1916. From

The U.S. Military Creates the “Blue Discharge”

A neutral discharge from the Armed Services-— neither honorable nor dishonorable — the blue discharge was employed to boot queers from the military and was used against black soldiers as well. Though supposedly not dishonorable, blue discharges faced discrimination upon return to their homes, and many stayed in the port cities they were dumped in — New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco — helping create the thriving queer communities that still exist in these places today.

Inevitably, the Sodomites began finding each other. That’s how the infamous bath houses became a phenomenon and soon, there was an organized community. Police found their resources stretched with having to deal with so many unrepentant abominations.

This coincided with the Communist infiltration of the Church. San Francisco was a major target for those efforts. The homosexual cancer began to metastasize as the Navy kept releasing more of them in the same location, more ‘clergy’ began preaching tolerance and more police grew weary of stemming the tide. Public opinion finally shifted past ‘center of mass’ with the politician Harvey Milk.

Once the sexually depraved had an entire, newly legitimized community that had to be politically activist for its own survival, and faced no organized opposition from society’s moral guardians, the fix was in.

When Christ calls us the Salt of the Earth, He isn’t speaking poetry. Salt’s primary use in history is preservation of food: inhibiting rot. The Navy did wrong letting homosexuals go unpunished; false priests did wrong when they taught against God’s clearly written beliefs on sexual perversion. The people who were able to protect society from the filth of homosexuality refused to do their God-given duty and now, look at where California is barely one generation later.

Sodomy is not a legitimate lifestyle choice. It is not something unfortunate that allowances should be made for. It is evil. Call it out as evil and punish it as an act of evil, or join the California Gay Area in its mockery of God’s rainbow promise to not exterminate humanity.


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