Tattoos are Good Because They’re Bad

A recent offering from the Federalist makes plain why Conservatism(tm) is an entirely spineless... philosophy? Fraud, perhaps. But we aren't even discussing politics today. We're discussing tattoos. The Federalist's Mark Hemingway isn't just a talking head, he's their book editor and a "senior writer" at the Weekly Standard. Clearly, he must be a skilled communicator? … Continue reading Tattoos are Good Because They’re Bad

MGTOW Life: Incel Jihad?

Commenter Hmm found an interesting article about the latest mass killing in Toronto. (Sigh, I can't tell the difference between a terrorist attack and a slut who dropped her smartphone. It's all driving on the sidewalk.) Actual article for discussion "Hours before the Toronto van attack, a post on the Facebook profile of the … Continue reading MGTOW Life: Incel Jihad?

Book Review: Clone Republic Series

This is a remarkably good military science-fiction series I discovered through random sampling at the bookstores in my area. Humanity is well into the early stages of exploring and colonizing the galaxy thanks to the invention of Broadcast technology--basically stargates. The unified government is still headquartered on Earth and is patterned after the United States … Continue reading Book Review: Clone Republic Series

Enemies Of Christ AB2943

The following California Assemblymen and Senators are guilty in the sight of Christ of advocating sexual perversion and interfering with the peaceful practice of Christianity, proven by their authorship of California Assembly Bill 2943. Images from California State website. Evan Lowe In addition to authoring AB2943, on April 5, 2018 The California State Assembly passed Assembly … Continue reading Enemies Of Christ AB2943

Deep Stater: John Creamer?

It's a sign of the Information Age that good answers have become less important than good questions. I had time this weekend to ask the Internet some very pointed questions about current events... and a name came up. We begin with Commifornia's non-deployment of National Guard to secure the Southern border. WASHINGTON ― President … Continue reading Deep Stater: John Creamer?

ACLU Is Governor Moonbeam’s Attack Dog

The Empire of California Strikes Back against the rebels opposing its reign of white genocide: The American Civil Liberties Union sued the city of Los Alamitos on Wednesday, alleging its move this week to exempt itself from California’s sanctuary laws violates the state constitution and wastes taxpayer money. The lawsuit filed in Orange County … Continue reading ACLU Is Governor Moonbeam’s Attack Dog

San Diego County Supports Trump! 3-1

The freight train of sanity is rolling on the tracks with a much-belated load of common sense. The anti-American San Diego Union Tribune reports: The San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted 3-1 Tuesday to support the Trump administration’s lawsuit against California over so-called sanctuary laws that the state passed last year to limit its … Continue reading San Diego County Supports Trump! 3-1