MGTOW Life: Chump Game

A guy left a post on Dalrock’s illustrating a trap that MGTOWs can easily fall into:

“I’m in a rough way right now……..I where I work and live (a Salvation Army run facility for low income senior citizens) gently “ordered” me that I had to work the whole weekend as the staff on duty. I have worked the past five Christmas holdays. The past six Thanksgiving holidays. I even returned from my backpacking trek in June on July 1st and had to work the whole four day holiday weekend. I have worked Easter / Good Friday since 2011.

I am always told “but I have children” and “you’ll understand when God brings you a wife someday” or “i have relatives coming from out of town with their kids”

The mission statement for employees here is: Family first

I don’t have one. Therefore I am the guy who always has to work on holiday weekends. I take it in stride as a “good soldier should” but I am feeling like a chump more and more.”

That is chumphood. No offense, friend, I’ve been there myself, but the plain fact is that if you don’t respect your own time then nobody else will either. Similarly, if you think their free time is more important than yours just because they have a family then you’re hating yourself.

You’re facing burnout. They’re slacking off. Nobody is winning.

If you don’t want to work a holiday then tell them no, you don’t want to work that holiday. It’s that simple. You owe them nothing. They are not God. God will not disapprove of you cutting back to one holiday in three or four, as if He needs help to keep the world spinning.

And funny thing, your married peers will respect you more for doing it. They won’t take you for granted. They’ll be more grateful when you do show up… and if not, then you need to cut those slavers loose.

The entire reason MGTOW is a thing is because the two-way street called society has broken down. The demands never stop, the rewards never come. Not with women, not with work, not with church, not with government. In order to be a proper MGTOW, you must push back. Refuse the demands. Insist upon rewards. If they won’t treat you as their peer then walk away.

In my case, I once tried to invest heavily in a church. It was at risk of feminization but had managed to impress me, so I tried to ingratiate myself to the leadership. I volunteered for duties. I served as an assistant Scout leader. I donated to missionaries. I even enrolled in a correspondence seminary, hoping that a low-level certification as a clergyman would impress Pastor enough that he would heed my warnings and advice concerning feminism.

What. A. Waste. Of. ME.

I grew weary of my duties and was swiftly replaced with teenagers. I, a highly skilled professional and supervisor during the work week, was no more useful to Pastor than a kid whose parents forced him to attend church. Pastor treated me accordingly.

As an assistant Scout leader, I quickly realized one of the kids was so badly behaved that he was ruining the entire group. He was bringing pornography into church and making false accusations against me and others. Absolutely unacceptable. Getting him banned took far more effort than it should have and a couple months later, he showed up again and was allowed to stay despite the ban. That’s how much power the church trusted me with: none.

The missionaries I donated to? Feminists.

And one class before finishing the seminary certification, Pastor made the decision to install a female pastor into formal Church authority teaching the men. Black-and-white Original Sin. I had an e-mail discussion with him. My concerns mattered nothing. I’d failed to impress him with all my efforts. I asked around the other church leaders, looking for support that women teaching men was evil. Nobody thought my opinion legitimate. Two years of determined, sacrificial effort and all of the leaders had no more respect for me than the day I walked in the door. If they ever missed me after I subsequently left, they never said so.

I regret every kindness and support I ever gave them.

To close in the spirit of Easter, let me point out that Jesus was not a martyr. He was a merchant. Christ purchased us with His sacrifice.

Revelation 5:9: “And they sang a new song, saying: “You are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals, because you were slain, and with your blood you purchased for God persons from every tribe and language and people and nation.”

2 Corinthians 6:16: “What agreement is there between the temple of Godand idols? For we are the temple of the living God. As God has said: “I will live with them and walk among them, and I will be their God, and they will be my people.”

Christ did not go to the Cross for no reward. Neither should you suffer for no reward.


6 thoughts on “MGTOW Life: Chump Game

  1. The entire reason MGTOW is a thing is because the two-way street called society has broken down. The demands never stop, the rewards never come. Not with women, not with work, not with church, not with government. In order to be a proper MGTOW, you must push back. Refuse the demands. Insist upon rewards. If they won’t treat you as their peer then walk away


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  2. Stood up for myself. Refused to work on Memorial Day holiday when we were going over schedule for April / May. I was written up for refusing duties. Refusing the “job description” and the “duties as assigned clause”

    So much for respect for “standing up for myself”

    Yeah, I still have to work the holiday and now everyone is “ticked” at me on this team for “not being a team player”


  3. I endured a similar thing when I worked private security. I was looking for real work, just needed food on the table, but I don’t do even a scut job halfway, so I always showed up on time and never complained. I trained the newbies on the contract. I came in on my days off at no notice when other guards called in sick or quit without notice. I made my rounds religiously until the construction site manager said I was the only guard he trusted.

    After most of a year of walking in circles, I was crying from the boredom so I tried for internal promotion. It was a big company that did work like loss prevention and alarm response along with the usual “stand around for eight hours”. Surely my supervisor would appreciate my helpfulness and stable work history in the company? Nope. They refused to promote me twice while hiring outside. Fine, then. I looked around, found a better security gig, gave them two weeks’ notice. They bit my head off for “disloyalty” and gave me a welfare application.

    Nobody cares about you as much as you do. Some don’t care at all. Whatever happened to gratitude? If I had an employee like you volunteering to work every holiday, I’d cheer you in public and direct every nubile female in your direction. Including Helga the prepaid massage therapist. Heck, I wouldn’t even allow you to work every holiday for fear you’d burn out.


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