Shining The Light

In a post on climate change activism, Fabius Maximus asks an age-old question: “When will activists learn?”

My answer: the activists already know they’re wrong. They’re outright lying about climate change. They lie because it justifies what they want to accomplish, generally totalitarian government control of society. When this lie stops working, they’ll invent a new lie and keep going. That is The Narrative in a nutshell.

At the time he made his famous movie, Al “Inconvenient Truth” Gore owned four mansions and three private jets. There are dictators of banana republics with smaller carbon footprints. He knew he was a hypocrite preaching lies. He didn’t care because he was winning, because the movie was profitable and popular.

You can’t win by proving these people wrong. You can only win by proving they’re Evil. Prove them wrong and they’ll either ignore you if the lie still works or change to a different lie if it doesn’t. Just like “climate change” used to be “global warming”.

Prove them Evil and then they can’t get away with any lies. But once you get people thinking about Good & Evil, well, that’s a problem if you are not very Good yourself. The Republican who get elected by mortgaging some of his soul isn’t going to confront a Democrat for mortgaging all of hers. Instead, he’ll find a way to defeat his opponent without daring to even say why she needs to be defeated in the first place. Good vs. Evil slouches into Us vs. Them because nobody cares to be too honest.

This is how Satan does business. Everybody is partially Evil and therefore unwilling to expose worse Evil. The darkness hates the light.

To expose the Evil in this world, one must first confront the Evil in himself. Then he can denounce other people’s Evil with integrity, having made peace with Good. That is, with God. The light hates the darkness.

This is every man’s fate. Light or Dark. Heaven or Hell. Either the one single Truth or any of ten million Lies. Compared to this choice of final destination, worldly success is meaningless.

This is why exposing the deeds of wicked men works. It honors Christ, thwarts Satan and forces humans to pick a side already.




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