Manifested Destiny

White people made a mistake. When we saw other races adopting our principles of individualism, self-determination and free speech, we thought we were uplifting them. That they were embracing an obviously, objectively better way to live than the politics of greed and Us vs Them and licking Massa’s boot heel.

What was actually happening: they embraced our freedom and opportunity because they were weak, therefore willing to accept whatever treatment we gave them. It just happened to be good treatment. We had the power and that meant we were the masters, and they embraced freedom & indoor plumbing only because we ordered them to.

As nonwhites seized (were given) the reins of power over previously white-ordered societies, turns out they can’t loot, marginalize and even kill us whites fast enough. We never actually uplifted them. They just did as we told while biding their time until they got their turn. They didn’t realize or care that we were tying to help. That their squalor and senseless violence upset us so much that at our own expense, we would show and teach a better way to live. It never occurred to them that we were being kind.

And so, when White Man sat back and let them show the virtue, honor and concern for others that we’d spent decades of Manifest Destiny and centuries of example beating into them, they shanked us in the back and hissed “my turn, white boy”. From Zimbabwe and South Africa to Sweden and UK to California and Canada, everywhere whites have lost control of our governments, we’ve been targeted for looting and… disposal.

Whites must control the government at all times, exclusively. This is for our protection, because we are a generally kind and free race in a world that loathes the concepts. We must hold an iron grip on power everywhere we live as the primary condition for our continued existence. At least in Current Year.

And the strange thing is, the other races want this. Whites are nobody’s first choice of rulers (everybody wants to rule themselves) but we’re everybody’s second choice because they know we don’t play identity politics. We don’t have a racial compulsion to exploit others just because we can. The lesser races appreciate that even as they try to exploit that. What a fucked-up, feminine world this is.

My apologies to the Talented Tenth, that small percentage of nonwhites that actually learned what we taught and are therefore trustworthy and productive folks. It’s not about you and you won’t be worse off in my ideal world. Because unlike your ethnic group, mine doesn’t care for ethnic cleansing.

My people aren’t like your people. That’s why we must be the ones to rule.


2 thoughts on “Manifested Destiny

  1. Our mistake was treating them like anything more than resources to exploit. Out groups are like women, at your feet or at your throat. Better to have them at your feet


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