Bring It, Glosoli

For my 101st blog post, I challenge Glosoli to a debate on whether God approves of polygamy and, optionally, whether I am a modern-day Pharisee. This sort of thing is how we Protestants do business so rest assured, it’ll be a fair debate. After all, if you’re right then I can get lots more sex than I do right now.

Awaiting your convenience.


9 thoughts on “Bring It, Glosoli

  1. Hello. You have my name wrong it’s glosoli, no capital letter.

    I’ve said pretty much all I want to say on polygamy already.
    Feel free to provide some scriptural evidence to try to prove me wrong (but don’t repeat Paul’s words on marriage, they don’t allude to polygamy at all, nor exclude it).
    If I have time, I will respond, but now I am off to bed.


  2. You must be one of those Gammas that Vox Day occasionally complains about. First you want me to defend my Scriptural position without referencing the guy who wrote half of the New Testament, then you want me to argue against a screenshot.

    My offer of good faith was contingent upon you demonstrating good faith, too. We’re done here.


  3. It’s not a screenshot, it’s a link, just click on ‘keep reading’.

    Feel free to quote whatever scripture you like, but you’ll note that the sections you intend to quote are covered in that article anyway.

    Don’t admit defeat already though, please, it will be useful for you and others to see how wrong you are.
    God bless.


  4. Well, GunnerQ talked as if he was a heavy-weight, but he’s perhaps read the tumblr link and realised he is beaten before he even starts.

    Is that the case brother? Do you have anything at all to counter the points in that tumblr post?


  5. There were a few things you could have done better. One, you showed up to a debate knowing you lacked the ability to defend your own beliefs. You could have simply refused to debate and nobody would have thought less of you. That ship has sailed.

    Two, you took my promise of good faith as a license to screw around with me, like I wouldn’t recognize you as a troll the moment you showed up to NOT debate. That’s fucking insulting.

    Three–and this is the important one–you think with your dick. It ain’t workin’ out for you. I abandon you to learn the hard way that it was God who wrote 1 Cor. 7:2, not Paul.


  6. glosoli is making mockery of his own ignorance.
    So, if it is not explicitly forbidden, it must be permitted, eh?
    OK, answer this:
    1. Is it OK for Christians to smoke weed? Cigarettes? If not, why not? Where is either expressly forbidden?
    2. How many NT Christians that you read/heard about engaged in polygyny? If none, why not? Could it be that they understood the stance of God on this issue better than you do?
    3. The Apostles were directly taught by Christ. Paul the Apostle had direct revelations from Him. Would you say you possess a deeper, clearer understanding of God’s intents than all of these founding fathers of the faith?
    4. When Christi died and the curtain of the temple was torn from top to bottom, signifying the end of the Old Covenant and the beginning of the New Covenant, can you prove that God intended that polygyny, as allowed in the OT, was preserved under the NT?
    5. God never expressly commanded polygyny, even in the OT. He permitted it, just as He permitted divorce. Jesus, forbidding divorce for the Christian, went back to Genesis, where God made a wife for Adam, for life. Can you explain why God didn’t make more than one wife for Adam, if indeed He wanted man to have multiple wives?


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