The Society of Original Sin

It is not possible to understand or solve modern troubles without resorting to Christianity. The war we fight is religious; the battles, symbolic and in the mathematical sense, functional.

God’s Plan: God created Man to keep Him company, then created Woman to keep Man company. God->Man->Woman

The Fall: Woman rebelled against God, then Man changed loyalties from God to Woman. Devil->Woman->Man

All human societies throughout history have existed on a continuum between these two poles. Mostly on the Fallen side; endless warlords, cronies and God-Emperors commanding legions of disposable male slaves. But on rare occasions, we’ve seen the flipside: men regarding each other as peers, government serving instead of oppressing.

Servile government happens most often when government is nonexistent, which explains the desire of many Manospherians for a tribal existence: if the chief gets too obnoxious then regime change is only a headshot away. Ignoring that, good governments happened most often when many governments competed against each other. The example here is Europe vs China. Europe’s broken geography made governments sending armies against each other difficult while allowing for migration of outcasts and dissidents. A selection of societies forced governments to have at least a passing concern for the welfare of their people, measurable in technological progress and actual social experimentation. (Not the ‘experiments’ of exterminating fatherhood to foment rebellion against Father God.)

By contrast, China and central Asia had massive tracts of level ground, ideal for military conquest. The result: China is the oldest nation, at least as old as Egypt, and historically among the least innovative. It’s no coincidence both that the Chinese people lacked alternative governments and the traditional Chinese diet includes dogs, grass and almost anything even partially edible. Oppression was that common.

The most “Chinese” society was the Tower of Babel, where humanity unified in rebellion against God. God thwarted the rebellion by confusing human language. With groups of humans unable to cooperate, the humanist project of the Tower fell apart. Ever since, humanity has been in a spiritual “Europe” situation, allowing us to slowly, painfully crawl towards the light of moral truth.

Thanks to modern telecommunications, however, the safeguards God imposed at the Tower of Babel have been undone. The world is increasingly united and not coincidentally, united in rebellion against God. “China” syndrome.

Every secular leader at every level of government of every nation in the West pushes feminism and nonwhite immigration.

Every clergyman in every church of every denomination of every branch of Christianity is eager to please women and blame men.

In the workplace, every innovation and new development is to enable women to be as good as a man… when not centralizing information and power into the hands of Elites.

Society is not a huge collection of human molecules in Brownian motion being acted upon by outside or random forces. We have hardwired behaviors and the moral hardwiring is faulty. Society is a group’s position on the continuum between Heaven and Hell, a position determined by how well that society’s infrastructure acknowledges and corrects that faultiness.

There is no solution to humanity’s marital problems and their consequences outside of Christianity. There appear to be secular solutions in smaller societies because individual leaders may be Christian or at least, advanced enough towards the Christian end of the  continuum to force people to act against their id. The larger the collection of leaders, indeed, the larger of any collection of humanity, the more humanity will regress to its id.

When society is just you on a deserted island, what your society believes about God doesn’t have deep implications. When society is the entire world united through technology and common language, it will only be ruled by either Christ or Satan. Mediocre gods of varying moral utility will give way to either Right or Wrong as surely as building a bridge allows less tolerance for error the farther it must span.

Because Original Sin is the central fault of the human soul, Wrong looks like a handful of devils lording over vast harems of women and disposing of male life with a gleeful lust for death and destruction… and the male slaves themselves reject that God ever meant them to be free.

This is our fate because humanity has united into the greatest single society ever and we have no alternative.


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