The Prozac Made Me Do It

Contrary to frequently voiced opinions in the Manosphere, antidepressants and Ritalin-style drugs do not cause psychotic and/or violent behavior. This came up most recently in the latest Florida school shooting but has been a long-running source of hysteria.

Antidepressants are emotional crutches. The reason so many school shooters and other social failures are on them at the time they snap is because their lives were already so messed up that they needed the chemical crutch, usually because of fatherlessness. The reason psychiatrists prescribe antidepressants so easily is because they can’t prescribe a father. It’s that simple. Even the substitute fathers like Boy Scouts and military service are gone, strangled by feminism. What then should a shrink do when he’s asked to treat a boy starting adolescence with the entire world sabotaging him left and right? There isn’t much he is able to do beyond offering drugs that will make life somewhat easier to face.

Ritalin is undeniably abused by tyrannical parents and school officials. However, they prescribe it to pacify the boys, not inflame them towards murder. Why would oppressive authorities try to control a difficult boy by giving him drugs that would make him more uncontrollable? Just because it’s a variant of amphetamine doesn’t make it crystal meth.

If drugs were causing this violence then the perpetrators would be remorseful afterwards, like a drunkard who wakes up in a jail cell to discover he killed a pedestrian while driving home from the bar last night.

Blaming the drugs is not only misplaced, it distracts from the central causes of rebellious youth. Namely, fatherlessness, a disgustingly corrupt culture, his-fault frivorce destroying fathers, hatred of men, a economy dying under the weight of parasites and women choosing to raise kids without a father. Put the blame where it belongs, upon women and the men who white-knight for them.


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