Christianity’s Priority Is Truth, Not Success

One of my favorite youTubers, Turd Flinging Monkey, likes to refer to himself as a “masculine-presenting transgendered lesbian”. It’s a somewhat tongue-in-cheek way of calling himself a man without the feminazis being able to destroy him for being male. It annoys me because it’s willing defeat. He isn’t truly an MPTL, he’s a man and happy to be one, so refusing to identify as a man is an freewill abdication of reality.

Yes, informing Human Resources that you’re now an MPTL might protect you from accusations of male privilege and mansplaining. No, it’s not a loophole in the devil’s work because it accepts and takes advantage of the devil’s lies concerning gender. There’s no Christian way to avoid confronting the evil inherent in feminism. There isn’t supposed to be, because feminism is a rejection of God’s design for human sexuality.

Similarly, Larry is posting on Dalrock’s* asking for how to handle Marriage 2.0 in a Christian manner. He’s apparently new to the Manosphere so he probably doesn’t know yet that it’s impossible. The men that women are attracted to are evil or damaged. There are mistakes that a husband can avoid but Christianity is inherently repulsive to women. There’s no Christian way to make Marriage 2.0 work. There isn’t supposed to be, because Marriage 2.0 was created to “repeal and replace” Christian marriage.

If you are Christian then accept that you will suffer for doing right in this life, more so than the average human in history. Accept that you do not belong in this world, more so than your parents. MGTOW will minimize your suffering because you won’t try to square a circle but that’s all. Don’t search for a loophole to make the madness sane. The madness’ motivation is war against Christ and there is no spiritual Switzerland. Only spiritual Poland.

What works for the devil will not work for us because unlike the Godless, our respect for Truth is a commitment not a mere appreciation. This means there is no place for us in the Brave New paradigms and institutions. Don’t get married. Don’t metaphorically chop your dick off then glue it back on.



3 thoughts on “Christianity’s Priority Is Truth, Not Success

  1. It annoys me because it’s willing defeat. He isn’t truly an MPTL, he’s a man

    Hi Gunner, I prefer to think of it as sort of a mental jiu-jitsu where he’s turning the madness of feminism against itself.


  2. Welcome, Ray!

    It’d be passable as a one-off black knighting but not as a longstanding strategy. TFM’s intent is to avoid suffering for honesty. For an atheist, why not?

    But Christians are slaves to truth. Saying something that is false and that we don’t believe in order to avoid the consequences for being honest is completely unacceptable. Once you accept lying as a tactic, you’re squarely in the devil’s camp no matter how righteous and prudent your motivations.


  3. Thank you Gunner. I think we need both the trickster types who can generate their own reality-distortion field as well as the straight-ahead people like yourself. Remember that Jonathan Swift and Ben Franklin both resorted to satire and exaggeration to get their point across.

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