Fine, Then: White Supremacy

The whites of South Africa just got served notice: now that the world’s governments have conspired to force blacks into authority over them, their land will be confiscated without compensation. Just like Zimbabwe and Rhodesia. And Germany, Sweden, England, France and Canada, just less honestly.

And just like would be happening in California right now if we whites weren’t so heavily armed, I suspect. Businesses are already subject to prosecution if they hire too many white men and non-whites are given reserved entitlements at our expense. Not least of which is openly treasonous protection from Federal immigration enforcement. The coloreds are quite literally above the law. We can’t be far away from our own “Operation Gimmedat”.

Okay, liberals. You win. You played a stupid game of fomenting envy & race warfare and here’s your stupid prize: I am now a white supremacist. Specifically, only white men (and all white men, barring criminal conduct) should be allowed to participate in government or hold judgeships & senior positions of State. Don’t whine, liberals. You set every precedent for this. You created the need.

Funny thing is, I’m still not a white nationalist. I don’t advocate race-purified nations or demand Moar White Babeez as a proof of manhood. I simply don’t want my people genocided and the only way to ensure that doesn’t happen in Current Year is if we hold all the reins of government power. Neither am I a Neo-Nazi; those are feminists. The term “feminzai” is in fact descriptive, not perjorative. Unless one hates fascists, of course.

In fact, I still define “white” primarily in terms of behavior: decentralized gov’t, no welfare state, men living life by their own wits under uniform rules based upon Christian morality. Whites being the best-performing ethnic group on the planet, this is our natural habitat, allowing us to make the most of our gifts.¬† (Notice how quickly nonwhites jumped on the welfare wagon.) If others want to sink or swim under the same rules then I don’t object to having them around… but they will act white and renounce their homelands before they get a vote.

The part of this I most look forward to is white traitors reacting badly to the idea that only whites can be trusted with authority. I’ve looked for a litmus test to distinguish between allies and backstabbers for a long time and not allowing us to govern our own countries is a good one. The part of this I least look forward to is simple-minded fools hearing only what they want to hear and claiming I just grew horns & hooves. Maybe white supremacist isn’t a good term anymore. Albinopolitan? White Statist?

Eh, they can’t hate me any more than they already do. I’m white, male… and Christian.


7 thoughts on “Fine, Then: White Supremacy

  1. Well, I’ve calmed down a little. What’s happening is simply taxation without representation. Whites make most of the world’s wealth so we’re the prime targets for the parasites. But damn, not only are they greedy, they don’t know when to stop.

    Not happy at all about South Africa. At least when it’s over, putting a quarantine on the continent will be easy. We’ve tried hard enough, long enough to uplift Africans out of their all-natural squalor that God can’t blame us for quitting.

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  2. Keeping their homes is a moot point now that their ethnic cleansing is formal government policy. Their two choices are violent overthrow of the entire government followed by a thorough ethnic cleansing of their own, or fleeing the country. If they opt for the former then the entire world’s Elites will try to destroy them. If the latter then they have nowhere to go.

    The solution they’ll choose probably depends upon how organized they are. That’s how the wicked are thriving in USA; the churches and mens’ clubs that would have allowed us to organize against fallen government have been exterminated. Even our own wives prey upon us. Makes it hard to fight even an advertising campaign.


  3. Isn’t it already pretty common for them to attack White farmers?

    They habe some great protection dogs in SA. That should be every man’s 1st line of defense


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