Start Nothing, Finish Everything, Die A Virgin

I was raised, as many Western men are, to believe that violence should be the last resort… but when you’re forced to violence, you go all-in and fight until there’s no more fighting to be done. This has proven to be very problematic in Current Year because many lesser cultures have trouble understanding the difference between kindness and weakness. They see a white man falling back from a casual threat and think he’s easy prey, when in fact he’s simply been taught no tactics between “call the police”  and “two shots to the chest, one to the face”. A lot of crime from vandalism to sedition doesn’t require the latter, leaving white boy an easy victim.

Women in particular have trouble appreciating a policy of seeking cooperation over pecking order. This combined with womens’ liberation is a very toxic situation, as the men who are quicker to employ violence are also quicker to get the princess out of her panties.

Even worse, the Western man’s aversion to violence (founded upon the fact we’re so scary good at it) has led us to create laws that prevent the “finish everything” half of the equation under all but the most dire of circumstances. One increasingly cannot shotgun a burglar without first checking if he’s armed, or kneecap one’s Dindu neighbor with a tire iron for defacing his property.

At least, not legally. Which only begs for civil disobedience and lying in self-defense. This is the greatest failure of Start Nothing, Finish Everything: the finish is often visible to law enforcement but the start is not. Oops.

Therefore, you must train yourself for variable levels of self-defense. Some suggestions:

1. The bodycam route. Documenting everything is a slow but fantastically effective way to handle chronic nuisances and low-level threats. Never let it be “his word against your word”. But you do need to procure appropriate cameras for the job.

2. Project menace. Visible muscles, strong eye contact. Never admit you’re wrong or say you’re sorry in an argument with a potential threat. Don’t stare at the ground when you walk or keep hands in pockets. This is an excellent choice for men who are already tall or otherwise visually dominant. Avoid gang-style clothing, however. You don’t want to be mistaken for an actual gang-banger. You only want that perp to decide he’ll wait for the next potential victim.

3. Pepper spray. Now, I have actually used spray in combat. It’s a very poor choice for its primary advertised purpose of women scaring off “rapists” and a poor choice for any street combat because it takes too long to first take it out (you probably aren’t carrying it holstered on your belt) and then aim it (a nozzle’s direction isn’t as obvious as a stick’s or handgun’s). God help you if you “piss into the wind” or the nozzle is clogged with lint or dirt.

However, the one way pepper spray shines is when dealing with multiple chimps enjoying a chest-thumping at your expense. Dindus tend towards pack behavior and are too self-conscious (or stupid) to don personal protective equipment before humiliating you. Three Dindus complaining to cops that you sprayed them, well, who’s the likely aggressor? The one or the three? So, spray is the best option when possibly encountering groups.

If you go this route, get two of the same spray and expend one for target practice. Don’t assume you’ll figure out how to work it in the heat of the moment.

4. Martial arts. Not everybody is fit enough for this and it doesn’t help deter an attack, but winning is always nice and being psychologically comfortable with hurting others is at least half of being good at fighting. Again based on my experience, don’t try anything fancy. Knock them down (shove them back, knee kicks, grab their arm and yank) then either run or kill. There’s no shame in running.

But running won’t get you sex… and being the guy people run away from is very preselective, as a pickup artist might say.


5 thoughts on “Start Nothing, Finish Everything, Die A Virgin

  1. Start nothing, finish everything is a great way to live when dealing with other White men/ inner tribal problems.

    It ain’t with a fuck vs out groups

    So the problem isn’t really the start nothing/ finish everything motto. The problem is not enough White men understand you must have two moral codes. One for dealing with your family, tribe etc and for everyone else. Life is a 0 sum game. Our tribe grows, expands and dominates other tribes or we will be preyed upon by those other tribes


  2. Unfortunately, it’s an intra-tribe problem also. White America was destroyed by white Americans, after all. “Start nothing, finish everything” has allowed Democrats and eventually, their Antifa to run amok until the alt-Right began literally hitting back. The bad guys simply did their thing while Republicans issued meaningless warnings. Dindus can claim stupidity; what’s the excuse of white cucks for constantly redrawing the line?

    One can’t use SNFE unless he’s fully prepared to go FE. Rather than encourage men to go on killing sprees when they’re pushed too far, we should encourage less extreme and more flexible policies of reciprocity and deterrence.

    Or as the Evil Overlord List put it, “I will fund a full range of military projects. My options will not be limited to ‘hand-to-hand combat with swords’ and ‘blow up the planet’.”


  3. Ehhh sort of…..One group of Whites can’t seem to grasp the other group of Whites are the other team, while that other team try to erase us

    yankees have proven to be the biggest enemy of my people but to many Southern Whites buy into this stupid ‘merica concpet. The gop is a yankee concept the 1st big government big liberal tax and spend party. It’s stupid to think the gop political machine will do what’s right by us


  4. It’s true, cultures characterized by other ethical systems tend to see expressions of deference, forbearance, and kindness as a weakness. The ‘violence should be the last resort’ concept is unique to the Chivalrous ‘Righteousness/Innocence vs. Guilt’ ethical structure that has been prevalent in the west. But unfortunately, this ethical structure has eroded under Feminism, and has given way to a ‘Power vs. Fear’ ethical system, which renders kindness as a weakness. I discussed this dynamic in a recent post. Part of the problem is that solipsistic women are failing to distinguish between ‘us and them’ in their dealings with men, as Ton alluded to (family vs. everyone else), so the intra-tribe conflicts are exacerbated, and men’s efforts to establish effective ethical behaviors are frustrated.
    Western men are facing a steep learning curve in dealing with this dynamic, which Gunner Q has addressed in this post. There is a lot more to be addressed, but regrettably, it seems that few men are willing to face this challenge.


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