Escape From Los Angeles, Reality Edition

I don’t advise sane people to leave California. There’s nowhere to go and plenty of niches in which to hide from the Sacramento Satanists. I do, however, advise sane people to leave Los Angeles specifically. There’s a story to that and its time has come.

In 1990s Los Angeles, the Dept. of Water & Power was operated separately from the city government.  Different budgets, different leadership, etc. The city council was cash-strapped as a result of its breathtaking corruption (read up on Gil Garcetti on Infogalactic for a peek, then notice his son is the current mayor). The DWP was better managed and actually running a profit.

The city council kept trying to tap into the DWP’s budget, pressuring it for no-interest loans and trying to plant moles in its leadership. DWP fought back by cooking its books. It spent all its profits on spare parts, hid them everywhere and then complained to the city council that they didn’t have any money to loan out. Leave us alone, we’re broke too!

Then the 1994 Northridge Earthquake happened.

The good: DWP was able to restore basic services city-wide in less than 72 hours because its stockyards were already overflowing with replacement parts.

The bad: LA city council noticed DWP pulling a new power grid out of its ass.

The ugly: LA city council was denied potentially millions of disaster relief dollars because infrastructure was repaired too quickly.

I can’t say how that story ends because I lost my DWP contact shortly afterward but if bureaucratic corruption is any indicator, by now Los Angeles infrastructure has been sabotaged by the city council to ensure the deaths of thousands the next time disaster strikes. Our leaders will not be denied their bribe money.

New Orleans? Puerto Rico? The suffering of their people was <i>useful</i> to their governments. A bargaining chip for more cheese. Los Angeles is now both a geological powder keg and an ethnic powder keg, and managed by people who see human misery as a chance for personal profit… get the Hell out of there.


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