Why Stop School Shootings?

When you think about it, what’s the point? Such shootings are a consequence, not a cause, and are therefore healthy indicators of Progress. Stopping them is like building a cruise missile, loading it with nerve gas, deploying it, firing it at a city and then trying to protect the target city by exploding it the moment before impact. No, the time to stop that threat was long, long ago, and no ultra-draconian last-quarter-second intervention can possibly create a happy ending.

School shooters are the pinnacle of liberal achievement. Teach kids that human life isn’t sacred; that they’re nothing but highly organized chemical puddles with no objective morality beyond what they can get away with. Then, teach ’em that the only purpose of life is breeding while twisting their sexuality into every unnatural fruity flavor that Satan’s whores can invent. Then, punish the kids who obey the rules without mercy while turning a blind eye to the kids who don’t. Pick out the fatherless boys with behavior problems for “special attention”.

And then, act totally surprised when a few graduates of your horror factory decide to stomp some chemical puddles in order to feel better in their sexually violated solipsism. Well done, shooters! You learned what you were taught. You even killed some of the most vile human rights abusers in the world–public schoolteachers–and that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

I only wish the price hadn’t been your souls. My apologies, but I’m not in a position to help you. Not having kids of my own means I’m as welcome on a school campus as a leper. Less so, since anchor babies probably aren’t screened for contagious disease.

Memo to the teachers and administrators of every public school that desegregated its bathrooms, preaches Godlessness and teaches sodomy is healthy: you deserve to be murdered by your students. You bred that monster, now feed it.


2 thoughts on “Why Stop School Shootings?

  1. They won’t take on the monster in the room because the groupthink created it…fatherless homes.

    That’s the evil Patriarchy and toxic masculinity…so we certainly can’t fix that.


  2. Fatherlessness is definitely a problem but what the schools are doing is equally vile. It’s unbelievable that not only are the humanists using schoolchildren for social experiments like gender-bending, but the staff cooperate with it. Everywhere. It’s as if all humanity has lost its willingness to protect children from child molesters.

    We need to shut down public education entirely. There’s no draining a swamp this big and the proof of it is in all the proposed solutions. More guns, more cops, more control, more psych testing, another hotline to call… all of these proposed solutions are directed against the children. But the kids aren’t the problem; they’re becoming emotionally unstable killers because that’s what they’re being taught to be.

    Therefore, the problem of school shootings will continue under positive feedback. This is good because, apparently, nothing but death will protect children from the monsters.

    I cannot believe how quickly the West has lost its moral compass.

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