The Prodigal MGTOW

Aaron Clarey is an interesting guy. His book “Enjoy the Decline” is an excellent book on making peace with the fall of America and influenced me significantly. His insider book on real estate attitudes leading up to the Second Depression is also worth reading. He practically founded the concept “MGTOW” then disavowed it, while still living it, and has recently re-acknowledged it. Read his post at .

I believe Clarey is okay with second-wave feminism. This explains why he first assisted and then disavowed the MGTOW movement. He’s fine with women as peers of men, equal opportunity and such, but wasn’t willing to connect “women are just like men” with the consequences of letting women act like men: increasing numbers of real men whose lives are torn asunder by women who found them unsexy, unworthy or boring. He complains that such men “make a religion” out of hating all the poor-quality women in their lives. Just man up and attract a better class of woman, Chubby!

What he seeks is the unstable equilibrium of women who have been freed to act like men yet choose to continue acting like women.

Speaking of religion, do atheists ever wonder why this is happening? The whole feminism & social justice headache? If it was a mere social experiment then it would have been shut down by its own proponents in failure by now. There is something in the human soul that drives men to appease women even to the point of self-destruction while women, given the chance, will burn society (men) to ash before admitting they should not hold the reins of power.

Christianity is the only explanation for these tendencies, which cut across all ethnic and cultural barriers. If there’s a second one then let me know. Certainly not evolution. If evolution was true then freeing a woman to act like a man would only see her insist on acting like a woman.

Clarey’s post is one of a second-wave feminist being forced to acknowledge the third wave of feminism. If he accepts the latter as an extension of the former then he’ll hold a validation of Christianity. If instead he believes there’s no connection then we’ll soon see him speculate about which outside force made the servant hate the master who place she usurped. At the moment, he seems to be undecided:

“There is a conscious (and sadly, unconscious) purposed effort in some segments of society, many of those institutions (like academia, the legal profession, etc.), to hate men.  And not only hate men, but to make masculinity illegal.”

I entirely agree, Mr. Clarey. The next question: WHY do they hate men? Because men treat them as chattel… or as equals?


One thought on “The Prodigal MGTOW

  1. ‘I entirely agree, Mr. Clarey. The next question: WHY do they hate men? Because men treat them as chattel… or as equals?’

    I could see a deep seated hatred of God in the mix too. It’s probably not a stretch to assume most feminists are atheists (or replace the Father with some made up goddess). Men are made in the image and likeness of God.


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