Fisk that Climate Change

A quick, fun fisking of “Survey: Mayors view climate change as pressing urban issue” from

BOSTON (AP) — U.S. mayors increasingly view climate change as a pressing urban issue, so much so that many advocate policies that could inconvenience residents or even hurt their cities financially.

If the planet’s biosphere is so delicate that its survival depends upon unified global urban planning then we’re screwed because the next volcanic eruption will cause more pollution than a hundred cities in a century. You’ve oversold the climate change threat just a tad.

(Look, the Phillipines had a volcanic eruption just this week!)

The annual survey of big-city executives, slated for release on Tuesday by the Boston University Initiative on Cities, also reflected the nation’s sharp political divide. Ninety-five percent of Democratic mayors who responded believed climate change was caused by human activities, a view shared by only half of Republican mayors.

Holy Funk. Ninety-five percent of Democratic mayors? That’s not consensus, that’s groupthink at gunpoint. And yet, the number seems plausible. Democrat leaders don’t hold beliefs, they hold scripts. Perhaps if the democratic process didn’t screen for ego and bribery… but half of Republican mayors is a poor showing, too. Democrats want to be Communists and Republicans want to be Democrats.

A clear majority of mayors were prepared to confront President Donald Trump’s administration over climate change and felt their cities could be influential in counteracting the policies of the Republican president, who at times has called global warming a hoax and last year withdrew the U.S. from the Paris climate accord.

Ah, there’s the reason for this survey and article: Trump Derangement Syndrome. Like Las Vegas, the fun never stops and reminds the observer of venereal disease.

“A striking 68 percent of mayors agree that cities should play a strong role in reducing the effects of climate change, even if it means sacrificing revenues or increasing expenditures,” a report accompanying the survey stated.

Hold that thought…

In all, 115 mayors of cities with at least 75,000 residents answered the fourth annual survey named for Thomas Menino, a longtime Democratic mayor of Boston who founded the university program before his death in 2014. The survey was sponsored in part by The Rockefeller Foundation and Citigroup.

Banksters sponsor Trump Derangement Syndrome? Is TDS anything but the Clinton Machine’s self-destruction in the wake of not being able to deliver on its campaign promises? Those demons of Hell can be so uptight about humans keeping their ends of infernal bargains.

Organizers of the survey declined to release a list of the 115 mayors who responded, citing confidentially agreements. …

Okay, but when the survey returns results like “95% of Democrat mayors would burn their cities to stop climate change”, your fig leaf of confidentiality isn’t hiding what you want it to.

The survey cited the availability and affordability of housing as the single most pressing concern of mayors, followed closely by climate change and municipal budget pressures caused in part by federal and state cuts.

That thought you’re holding? Let’s discuss it now. Let’s discuss the possible connections between “cities should play a strong role in reducing the effects of climate change, even if it means sacrificing revenues or inconveniencing residents” and “the most pressing problems of mayors are climate change, budget shortfalls and housing issues”.

Moving on like dot org…

A foreword to the report, signed by Democratic Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Betsy Price, the Republican mayor of Fort Worth, Texas, argued that cities can exert formidable influence over U.S. and global policies.

We can say no to Donald Trump because we’re important city mayors!

“At a time when the national conversation is divisive, cities offer a sense of hope and shared identity,” the mayors said.

Hope and shared identity? I hope that wasn’t Garcetti talking. Los Angeles puts the “balkanization” in “Angels”. It’s a tight fit but behold: Irangeles!

Oh, wait. This is a script change from Hope & Change. What’s wrong, liberals? Did La Raza decide they no longer need Baby Boomer votes?

Sixty-eight percent of mayors said they would be willing to expend additional resources or sacrifice revenue to combat climate change.

But wasn’t a lack of funding a ‘most pressing problem’? This is as tragicomic as an adult with Down’s Syndrome complaining about heartburn and obesity between mouthfuls of triple pepperoni pizza.

Democrats were more than twice as likely as Republicans to promote environmental policies that might inconvenience motorists in their cities, and almost three times as likely to support entering into regional climate pacts or networks. Yet only 26 percent of Democrats and 5 percent of Republican mayors were eager to slap any costly new regulations on the private sector.

You know what the differences is between promoting policies and enacting new regulations? The need for voter approval. Mayors, maybe you shouldn’t be trying to do things that tax-paying voters, given the opportunity, would prohibit.

The survey found that attitudes about climate change differed geographically as well as politically. For example, 90 percent of all Eastern mayors and 97 percent from the Midwest blamed human activities for climate change, compared to 70 percent from Southern cities.

Down here in the Bible Belt, we call climate change “seasons”. Guess we ain’t educated enough to know better… and we don’ wanna be.

Seriously, liberals. First it was nuclear winter. You were proven wrong. Then it was global warming. You were proven wrong. Now it’s climate “change” just so you can’t be proven wrong anymore. You have nothing to offer your constituents but tyranny today so people who don’t exist can enjoy similar tyranny tomorrow.

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