Berkeley Police Don’t Like Antifa, Either

A little while after the Antifa riots, Berkeley Police Chief Greenwood is declaring the Department dangerously understaffed.

The department already suspended its bicycle patrols this fall, and disbanded its Drug Task Force in recent years. Cuts in the Community Services Bureau and the suspension of the Special Investigations Bureau are also coming, officers have said. …

“We’re descending to a critical period and it has gotten worse rather than better,” Greenwood told the PRC as part of his regular report to the advisory body. “We have lost so many officers that we’re going to have to rethink a bit of how we do business.”

Translation: you’re on notice, feminazis, keep this up and you’ll have literal anarchy.

When Greenwood was thrust into the chief’s role last year following the abrupt departure of his predecessor, he said staffing would be among his top priorities. The department is now authorized to hire 181 officers, the result of lobbying city leaders to get more money and positions authorized. But the agency has continued to shrink. Greenwood said at least 24 officers have left, or plan to leave, the department this year, while only 17 have been hired. That reflects department trends in recent years with people leaving in the double-digits, due to retirement or jobs elsewhere, and hiring unable to keep pace. …

“One of the things that we’re seeing now that we never used to see is people going to other agencies,” Greenwood told the PRC. He said the department may soon need to make the tough choice to shutter units “that are long-time high-value providers for our community” so that central services such as patrol and investigations can function.

BPD’s investigative arm has already been suffering, with 20% to 25% of its positions currently being held open, Greenwood said.

Abrupt departure of his predecessor? There’s a sign that this is a staffing symptom, not a staffing problem. The Berkeley Police Association speaks for the cops’ frustrations:

BPD has NO gang task force, NO drug task force, NO special investigations unit, NO canine officers, NO bicycle officers, NO DARE officers, NO in vehicle dash cameras and NO tasers.  BPD will also be losing its Traffic Officers and one Community Services Officer in the upcoming months. These specially trained officers will be moved from their unit to the Patrol Division due to low staffing.

Two things I want to point out here and in fact, have already blogged on. Notice how unhappy the cops are about the lack of drug enforcement: no task force, special investigations, canine/DARE officers. Drug enforcement is a critical tool for police as I wrote about in . Also, recreational drug use leads to a host of related problems. That is why drugs were banned in the first place. Be sure to read the end of this post.

The other thing to point out is Berkeley cops apparently aren’t allowed dash cameras (and elsewhere, bodycams are mentioned lacking too). Cameras protect police from false accusations and are irreplaceable sources of court-admissible evidence. More in .

“There’s got to be some kind of strategy to shore [the department] up,” [Commissioner Roberts] told the chief. Then he paused, adding: “I’m not sure what that is.”

Maybe… just maybe… this is a bit radical but hey, Berkeley’s all about radical… you dumbfuck libturds could stop using police as guinea pigs for your social experiments, allow them to use dash and body cameras for self-defense against false accusations and stop ordering the local cops to give back your dope until your brain blows a fuse and you belong in the insane asylum:

Nationally, 10% of police calls are for people having a mental health crisis, according to Berkeley Police Officer Jeff Shannon. In Berkeley, that number is 35% or more. Over the past five years, police have seen a 43% increase in calls for “5150s,” or people who are a danger to themselves or others, he said.


4 thoughts on “Berkeley Police Don’t Like Antifa, Either

  1. Addendum, here’s a YouTube video of Greenwood asking the city council for greater authority to use pepper spray… followed by some informative Q&A. The chief sounds like a reasonable cop. This proposal comes in preparation for a visit to Berkeley by Ben Shapiro. Although Shapiro is no conservative except by comparison to Antifa, Berkeley Chief Greenwood is to be commended for taking domestic terrorism seriously.


  2. “There’s got to be some kind of strategy to shore [the department] up,” [Commissioner Roberts] told the chief. Then he paused, adding: “I’m not sure what that is.”

    There isn’t one. The cops should all strike, and encourage the Sheriff’s Dept. to support them. While they’re at it, maybe they should release all the hoods from the jailhouse. Let’s see how the hipster faggots like the anarchy they claim to want.


  3. Oh, there’s a solution; the Commissioner just won’t admit it because the right thing to do for society is the wrong thing to do for his political career.


  4. Here’s a radical notion .. if you’re not in the business of doing real police work .. disband.

    Oh .. wait .. that appears to be the plan .. but on a slower attrition based speed. One where he doesn’t actually promote it (i.e. out right disbanding the police force) .. two he keeps his job a lil longer for the paycheck / bennies .. three he can say I tried.

    But make no mistake .. he is planning for ob-so-less-ence of (police) function through attrition .. which would be disbanding by another name.

    Or maybe .. its the city governments idea to let it fade away (i.e. police force .. which it is already pretty much there .. except in name only) .. hmmmmm


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