Physiognomy: Judge Aaron Persky

Heartiste turned me on to the field of physiognomy, inferring behavioral traits about a person based on observable physical traits. Obviously something that’s more art than science and not being naturally gifted at this, I could use some reader feedback.

There is a recall effort in California to punish a Judge Aaron Persky for showing leniency to B. Turner. Quick recap, Mr. Turner was a Stanford frat kid who was convicted of sexual assault by humping a coed who was passed out drunk at a frat party.

Judge Persky sentenced him to six months’ jail and sex offender registry. That doesn’t strike me as lenient but feminists have been sufficiently outraged to organize a recall effort. He’s fighting back hard. I thought to write a post to support him but as I tend to do, I checked his picture, sourced from…

Image result for Aaron Persky

Something about his appearance really creeps me out. Question, what do you guys make of this pic? Especially if you know anything abut physiognomy.


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