God Does Not Play Demographics

An example of how evolutionary psychology has replaced religion in the modern mindset is concern over declining birth rates. Per evolution, this is a cause: if you don’t keep your birth rates up then you/your people are unfit to exist. Per Christianity, this is an effect: women are in open rebellion against their God-given roles of wives and mothers. (And men are encouraging women in that rebellion. The same father hopes for grandkids while sending his daughter to Feminist U so she won’t have to depend on a husband.)

The two views seem related (if you rebel against your biology then you’re an unfit organism) but it doesn’t play out that way when you look at proposed solutions. The evolutionist path is seen when nationalists make a virtue out of breeding even with unfit women and governments paying incentives for larger families. The harm of this is we aren’t birds or reptiles. Human reproduction is not tossing a handful of eggs in a corner and wandering off. There’s no point in bearing children if they’ll end up fatherless, sexually abused or otherwise abandoned.

The Christian path is that low birth rates during hard times is a feature. When life isn’t safe for children, one should not have children, and the parasites will starve for lack of slaves and recruits. The success of one’s race is less important than resisting evil.

Not that I want my people to decline but is the decline a result of moral rebellion or a result of less sex? When white America is being betrayed and destroyed primarily by white Americans, is knocking up the white bar slut if one cannot find a unicorn truly the way to push back?

It begs the question of how God views the races of men. We know how He viewed the Jews: sorting them by tribe and geographic location to the point of social stasis. There are also divine promises of various types attached to the Jews, going as far in the End Times as the 144,000 of Revelation. But there’s no such consideration for Gentiles. Titus 1:12 acknowledges the existence of race-specific tendencies but neither gives special instructions nor condemns the Cretans to be so unpleasant for the rest of time. Neither will any of God’s prophecies fail if the bloodline of Larry dies out.

There is also an image God uses to represent the Gentile world in Revelation 17:15: “And he *said to me, “The waters which you saw where the harlot sits, are peoples and multitudes and nations and tongues.” Similar language is used throughout Scripture: “the nations” or “the peoples”. Quite the opposite of the named tribes of Israel.

My conclusion is that Ancient Israel’s locked genealogy is symbolic of Heaven’s permanency rather than a command to non-Jews for racial purity. Our places in Heaven are permanent once we arrive; there’ll be no changes in character or status. Who we become in mortal life will be who we are for eternity.

This changes the focus of mortal life from quantitative success to qualitative success. You can have no children or a thousand without affecting your immortal soul, so the greater importance is upon how you treat the people who already exist. Therefore, as much as I would like white America back I won’t sacrifice justice for the sake of forcing racial purity. That is not a statement race nationalists would ever make. And if I have no opportunity to have kids of my own, the next best thing is to be a mentor or something. Giving a young immortal his first job is an immortal honor whether he carries my DNA or not. This plays into God considering human life to be inherently sacred.

The way I would restore North America: Disempower women completely. Eliminate the welfare swamp. Free rides to the border, one-way, but if any ethnics want to earn their food, learn English and assimilate into American principles such as rule of law, they can stay. Lastly, put the death penalty on most violent crimes as well as women who get pregnant outside marriage.

Would that restore white America? Probably not; race issues would remain, therefore I would be counted a failure by evolutionary principles. But it would be an orderly society that honors its roots and is a land of justice. The clear trend in the New Testament is that God prefers a just society to a uniform society.

Those motivated by evolution would turn people into criminals just for who they are, while declaring themselves to be righteous because of who they are. That is the appeal of tribalism: presumption of righteousness.


11 thoughts on “God Does Not Play Demographics

  1. It’s a tough call but I will chose my race above all else. In part because your race is your extended family and in part because if Whites become a minority my child and grandchildren will be hunted down by non Whites and we owe our offspring certain things


  2. It’s a tough call but I will chose my race above all else. In part because your race is your extended family and in part because if Whites become a minority my child and grandchildren will be hunted down by non Whites and we owe our offspring certain things

    You’re in luck! There are millions of poor Whites in Afghanistan and Pakistan, who can’t wait to come here and increase the precious White birthrate. Check out some photographs of these areas sometime. So many blonde and redhead White folks, who would love to come to America, get on welfare, and build a mosque in your neighborhood.

    Nevermind the fact that they have shown themselves strangely prone to shooting folks, and blowing shit up. Let’s import all of those fuckers immediately.


  3. “…if Whites become a minority my child and grandchildren will be hunted down by non Whites”

    Possible but unlikely. I think Whites are hated today simply because we hold (make) the wealth. Most of the anti-White action by non-Whites boils down to “gimme mo’ money”. When we no longer have the money and get forced into literal corners, the other side of the White Man’s soul… the one that built two global empires in recent history alone… will come out and we’ll see who hunts who.

    Anyway, charity begins at home. Of course those of us who have kids must see to their welfare first and I’m as much against miscegenating the races as anybody. I like being around my own people, too, when they aren’t selling me out in the name of pathological altruism.

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  5. What a lame reply Boxer.

    Consider the (30 million plus) white folks, who also happen to be limp-wristed fags and feminists, north of the border then. Are white Canadians all your brothers and sisters? Would you like to invite them all down to get on the dole, abolish the second amendment, and otherwise ruin our way of life?

    Asking for my niggaz in t-dot. They’ll be down directly if you keep it up. lol


  6. “This plays into God considering human life to be inherently sacred.”

    gunnerq – I assume you are young, and still have things to learn. So I will just offer you a heads-up rather than a list of Bible verses (which I have right here at my fingertips).

    Is God the same yesterday, today, and forever – as the Bible claims? If you answer “yes”, then we must accept that God’s attitude toward human life today is exactly what it was in the Old Testament. And the Old Testament demonstrates in a multitude of places that God did not value human life. Plus, in the law he gave to Moses, for the Hebrews to follow, is a perscription for killing the fetus of a woman if she has become pregnant by a man that is not her husband (Numbers 5:12-31; Genesis 38:24).

    The Bible makes a clear case that God does not value human life. What he does value is redeemed human life. That is, God only values a subset of the total population of human life. Anyone can join this subset – and so become valued to God. But not all will join, and therefore will remain unvalued by God. That distinction is important. I encourage you to discover the truth of this proposition for yourself. And then let that truth show through in the rest of your blogging life.

    As I am not trying to start a debate, I will not be back to see your response. Just acquaint yourself with all of the people in the Old Testament that God favored, and all of the people they killed – often at God’s command.


  7. “As I am not trying to start a debate, I will not be back to see your response.”

    You coward. Since you won’t be back, you won’t mind that I banned you.


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