Resolve to Have Fun In 2018!

Who wants to start the New Year with “I will spend 4 hours a day on the treadmill, eat more disgusting vegetables and tolerate my annoying neighbors?” You should be thinking of FUN things you want to do.

I give every year a theme. Last year was adventure parks and a cage fight with medieval knights. Before was demolition derbies, spelunking, Scuba, Yellowstone and Scottish competitions. This year, health problems have made my standard-frame bicycle uncomfortable to ride so I plan to upgrade to a recumbent and explore bike trails around Central California. Maybe try an overnight trip… haven’t done camping since I was a kid.

Also, I’ve been having recurring dreams of hang gliding, which I’ve never done in real life. Well, why not? So I’m budgeting to at least try out the hang gliding sport. It should not be boring.

Live likewise. Of all the things you could do and be, don’t resolve to be miserable!


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