Life and Times of Gregory Salcido

Sourced from wikipedia (infogalactic is surprisingly limited today): 1999: entered politics in Pico Rivera City Council 2002: Mayor of Pico Rivera 2003: Weak run for Congress 2010: Mayor of Pico Rivera February 2010: Salcido had a Bible removed from the City Council Dais for violating the U.S. Constitution's establishment clause. July 2010: Salcido was reprimanded and placed … Continue reading Life and Times of Gregory Salcido

Fisk that Climate Change

A quick, fun fisking of "Survey: Mayors view climate change as pressing urban issue" from BOSTON (AP) — U.S. mayors increasingly view climate change as a pressing urban issue, so much so that many advocate policies that could inconvenience residents or even hurt their cities financially. If the planet's biosphere is so delicate that its … Continue reading Fisk that Climate Change

The End of California Homeschooling Approaches

The Turpin abuse case has been making the news lately. A married couple was discovered torturing, starving and ritually abusing their thirteen children. This obviously proves that homeschooling is a barbaric and cruel practice that warrants state government supervision. A statement from the website of Assemblymember Jose Medina (D-Riverside), : “I was very disturbed to learn … Continue reading The End of California Homeschooling Approaches

The Binary Solution to Hypergamy

Inspired by Rollo has wrapped up a series of good posts "Dangerous Times" with three proposed solutions to unchained female hypergamy & AF/BB: 1. Play the Game better 2. MGTOW 3. Transactional sex I’d encourage more solutions in the comments. I’m sure a lot of this series seems overly reactionary or disheartening for men who are … Continue reading The Binary Solution to Hypergamy

Berkeley Police Don’t Like Antifa, Either

A little while after the Antifa riots, Berkeley Police Chief Greenwood is declaring the Department dangerously understaffed. The department already suspended its bicycle patrols this fall, and disbanded its Drug Task Force in recent years. Cuts in the Community Services Bureau and the suspension of the Special Investigations Bureau are also coming, officers have … Continue reading Berkeley Police Don’t Like Antifa, Either

MGTOW Life: Urbanity

Scott from American Dad solicited feedback on Dalrock's website on his post, . I don't have anything to say on Scott's blog; once you pay your dollar and make your choice from the vending machine of life, discussing alternative choices becomes pointless. Me advocating Christ & Country to a guy who rejected Protestantism to … Continue reading MGTOW Life: Urbanity