I Blame Evolution

There’s just been a schism between Vox Day and Dalrock in the Manosphere. You can read about it on dalrock.wordpress.com/2017/12/14/no-respect/. To recap, Vox Day made a post calling MGTOWs worse than feminists because we don’t have kids at all and demanding frivorced men go on murder-suicide sprees. Dalrock disagreed with the explicit lack of respect for men and things proceeded from there.

I blame evolution for this Voxian, and generally alt-Right, attitude towards human life. As we know, evolution teaches that the only purpose of life is to reproduce. There is no other measure of an organism’s worthiness. No morality. He who has the Moar Babeez, wins.

The disproven theory of evolution has been advocated with so much success that many Christians no longer accept that God is the Creator of Life. They believe instead that He directed evolution. In addition to violating the concept of creation (and why would an omniscient God use trial and error?), the belief lets in the demonic lie that a man’s worth is measured in headcount instead of Imago Dei. If you’re childless then you’re a waste of flesh; if you’re a father that won’t protect your children from predators at all costs, including morality, then you’re a failure of a human being.

When you hear an alt-Righter talk about tribalism, this is what he’s talking about: the evolutionary concepts of survival of the fittest and defining morality only as “what is good for me and mine”.

By contrast, Christ recommends men not get married, and by extension not have children, particularly in times of crisis. He Himself did not have kids and none of the Apostles evangelized via breeding. Christianity is very friendly towards childless men.

In the alt-Right’s defense, they didn’t start this. The Elites of the Western World have been soft-genociding white people via weaponized immigration for decades by now. Playing the same game is naturally more appealing than patient endurance of the destruction of not only you but your people and culture.

But the alt-Right’s effort is doomed because evolution is a lie. Everybody who bases their morality and ideals upon evolution are therefore children of the Liar regardless of whether they’re on the side of Team White, Team Brown or Team Mud Hut. The parting of ways between longtime allies Dalrock and Vox Day is only the beginning of the split between Christ and Evo Psych.

White America is being destroyed primarily by White Americans. The solution is obviously not “more White Americans”.


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