Islam Is Matriarchy

There’s an incorrect image of patriarchy in the Manosphere that it consists of dominant, aggressive men who keep their harems in order while facing the outside world as a target to be conquered. In other words, Islam. This is, however, the endgame of matriarchy.

1. Islam practices polygamy. This improves female access to Alphas while marginalizing Betas to the point of slavery or cannon fodder.

2. Islam is violent. It divides the world into “us” and “them” and does not allow for noncombatants. Violence between men has always been a favorite sorter of women because losers are, by definition, killed off. Let’s you and him fight.

3. Islam mandates a welfare state. Alms-giving is one of its Five Pillars. We all know who benefits most from the social safety net.

4. Islam calls for a class-based society. From slaves and dhimmis to warlords and imams, women have an easy time identifying Alphas.

The ideal Patriarchal society, as defined by God, is one in which every man is the leader of his own woman and is a peer of his fellow man, whatever his station. Christ called upon kings to serve the people in the Last Supper while advising the people to be grateful and humble in the Sermon on the Mount. We pay our taxes to gov’t yet expect gov’t to perform its God-mandated duties. Slavery may be practiced but the slave has Christ’s freedom and his owner is Christ’s slave.

Women instinctively hate Christianity. Any Alpha that gets married is off the market and Alphas are not allowed to play the field beforehand. Paul rejects the concept of welfare with “If you do not work then you do not eat”. And with nobody being born with special status, women can’t easily identify her “King David”. She must devote herself to an unsexy, unproven husband for years before discovering his true worth.

Female hatred of Christianity is why the Church died when it began to care about pleasing women.

Islam appears strong today only because the globalists are feeding Islam its every victory. They’re successfully invading the West because the West’s leaders threw the doors open and pay their rent. They manage to impose Sharia because police are ordered to allow it. Their marriages appear to be strong because treacherous journalists cover up both the maltreatment of Muslim Betas and the atrocities of Muslim Alphas. Why do the globalists spread such a violent, unstable religion? Because Islam is the endgame of feminism, not the antidote to feminism. The true antidote is Christ and we can already see what the Powers That Be, and feral women, think of Him.

Why are suicide bombers a thing in Islam? Because that’s the only hope many young male Muslims have of getting laid.

Do not look to Islam for a success story. Islam is what transformed the Middle East from the cultured center of Christendom into grossly inbred tribes of rock-throwing thugs.


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