Convoy of Hope Exports Feminism to the Vulnerable

A major reason for the spread of feminism throughout the world is the USA makes a priority of exporting it. Americans are the most charitable people on the planet but this kindness has been weaponized by feminists with the knowledge and approval of Churchian leaders.[1]

Convoy of Hope is a good example. From :

“When women are given the opportunity to generate income, it not only impacts their families, it impacts their country’s economic standing. The goal of our program is to empower women in El Salvador, Ethiopia, Honduras, Kenya, Nicaragua, the Philippines and Tanzania to make strategic, independent life choices through community-based training in peer-oriented cooperative savings groups and non-traditional micro-enterprise development.

We aim to facilitate sustainable income-generating activities and entrepreneurial thinking that equips women to make positive choices for themselves and their families in the area of health, education and economic welfare.”

And a quote from Co-Founder Doree Donaldson:

“Every woman deserves to be empowered—to have strength and dignity—to know she is valuable. Through this program, the lives of women and their families are being transformed and receiving hope for a better future. I am excited to be a part of helping my sisters all over the world!”

Donaldson’s bio:

“Doree earned her bachelor’s degree in Music Education at Evangel University and her master’s degree from the University of Missouri Kansas City in Piano Performance. She served as a professor of music at Evangel University for 19 years.

Through Convoy of Hope’s Women’s Empowerment Initiative, we nurture sustainable income-generating activities and entrepreneurial thinking while equipping women to make positive choices for themselves and their families in the areas of health, education and economic welfare.

She and her husband have four daughters….”

How this entryism works is the charity responds to a disaster, does the usual food & clean water help and then, as media attention wanes, they maneuver women to replace men in the rebuilding effort. Women being naturally fear-driven, it’s an easy sell, and tradition-minded governments are in a poor position to defend their culture when the price is starvation.

Excerpted from page 138 of “Women, Gender and Disaster: Global Issues and Initiatives”:

“Twelve years after the Great Hanshin Earthquake, women’s needs continued to receive little attention. Then, in the 2007 Nigata-Chuetsu Earthquake, national and local governments for the first time investigated women’s shelter and housing needs. This led to new arrangements such as setting aside a tent for women to breastfeed and care for infants. New approaches such as extending government support to privately owned houses during reconstruction are under consideration. Yet the disaster housing assistance programme remains particularly inadequate for the single-mother households. What is needed are programmes that enable and empower women and men equally as they seek to use their capacities and rebuild living, jobs and housing in their prior neighbourhoods. Listening to the gender issues confided by women to Women’s Net Kobe is essential. We must learn from single mothers how to shape more equitable government housing recovery programmes in disasters.”

If you donate to charity these days, you absolutely must do your homework to ensure you won’t be inadvertently funding feminist efforts to push women into the workplace and free them of God-decreed dependence upon men. Any charity that has a specific effort to help women, or women “and children”, should be defunded immediately. Any charity that has women in senior management should be defunded immediately… and that is nearly all of them.

These monsters do not hesitate to exploit the most desperate of humanity. You should not hesitate to defund and disavow them in return.

[1] Seriously, you don’t realize how cucked the typical clergyman is. I got dragged into a church service a couple months ago. The pastor was taking a special collection for a young woman doing a missionary trip to Germany. She had no missionary or evangelism experience. She was going alone. For only one week. She didn’t speak German. She had no friends, family or contacts in Germany. Not to mention, Germany is already a predominantly Christian country.

She was very obviously a sex tourist intent on convincing the Church to fund her effort to show Muslims the love of God between her legs. And Pastor Cucky gave her the pulpit to solicit funding.


3 thoughts on “Convoy of Hope Exports Feminism to the Vulnerable

  1. It is very important to question the supposedly “moral” goals of the charities. I previously donated to Servants Anonymous Society. It helps abused women who need shelter. Or rather, it enables, through financial support, women who claim to have been abused by their husband, and have decided to not only leave herself, but to also kidnap his children. Then, having left her husband, but having taken his children, she realizes she cannot feed and shelter his children, so she looks around for a sucker.
    Sure, “some” of the women may have been legitimately abused. But since I cannot tell the legitimately abused from those who are merely rebellious and selfish, especially when no criminal conviction is offered as proof, it is best for me to not enable sin — therefore, do not give anything, other than the advice to submit to her own husband; 1 Pet 2-3, Titus 2:3-5, Col 3:18-21, Eph 5-6, etc.


  2. Checking the leadership for feminists & manginas is an easy way to verify morality. Charities are notoriously vulnerable to entryism so the rot goes straight to the top.

    I tried to get around the overt “we care only about women and children” by funding disaster relief organizations, that being a real concern for anybody living on the Pacific Ring of Fire these days. Then I looked closer at the rebuilding efforts and now am ashamed I ever gave them money.


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