The Blindness of Alpha Daddies

The latest offering from Crypto.Fashion:

Makes you want to wife her up right away, I bet!

This is a shocking move from no less than Vox Day, a pillar of the Manosphere and the very inventor of modern sociosexual taxonomy. How could such a man not only not understand how most men will react to this shirt, but not understand even after it’s spelled out for him? h/t Rollory.

The answer, of course, is that Alphas are Alphas. When Sexy Daddy considers his of-age daughter’s romantic behavior, he remembers all the women he deflowered who practically jumped into his lap every time he sat down and thinks about how he’s going to prevent today’s horny Chads from doing to his daughter what he himself did at that age. Credible death threats are, apparently, well in order and even necessary. As Vox Day said to Rollory:

“I have no doubt that you don’t [understand how people can convince themselves this is positive in any way at all]. And that speaks volumes about you. Not your motivations, which I believe are pure. It speaks to your inability to understand either female or paternal psychology. Based on what you’ve said, and what you’ve said about your sisters, I conclude you had a weak or seldom-present father.” Comment #62 in linked article.

Unfortunately, what is (possibly) appropriate for warding off Chad is open malice towards the vast majority of young men. As matters continued in Comment #73:

[Rollory:]If one is certain that one’s daughter can land the top 1% of spine-endowed men, fine, go for it. Most of the time it’s a bad bet. Better to work with a guy in the 40th percentile and help him discover his own spine – but that means not scaring him off by making exaggerated faces at him first.

Just asking for a “friend”, right?

Who gives a quantum of a damn about some weak, spineless guy? I certainly don’t and no self-respecting woman will either. Rollory, if this shirt is too much for you, actually dealing with a woman on a day-to-day basis for the rest of your life is going to be well beyond your psychological capabilities.”

Rollory is absolutely correct here. No sane man is going to marry a girl whose father was making death threats against him before even meeting him. A FIL like that is not going to step back after the marriage; he’s going to second-guess your every marital decision, monitor “his daughter”s happiness hourly and ramp the fitness tests up to eleven thousand, every chance and every day, because his daughter deserves the absolute best of male humanity… and you, sir, are not named Donald Trump, Junior.

This is the FODANS attitude I posted about earlier. Christian fathers must understand that their duty as fathers of daughters is to get them married as young as possible for the benefit of the son-in-law, not the daughter. Get over yourself, Daddy. Your Princess is only ‘special’ because she’s eighteen with a vagina just like every other eighteen-year-old female in society. If you want her to marry well (by definition, to a billionaire celebrity Alpha) then you are willfully, and immorally, denying sex to ordinary young men.

Maybe you shouldn’t give those unwanted young men homicidal ideas.

Meanwhile, go MGTOW, young man. Even Red-Pill Christian fathers of the Manosphere would rather vent your skull than give you a chance.



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