Slobodan Praljak

His suicide made only a blip in the news. His history, at least online, is little more than UN indictments. I think I like him. It’s a good sign if the UN, headquartered in the freaking Tower of Babel, thinks you’re an evil man who persecuted helpless, innocent Muslims.

As if Muslims understand the concept of “innocent”.

I was aware of my government’s evil beforehand but learning the truth of the Bosnian conflicts and Slobodan Milosevic was when the magnitude of its crimes really hit home for me. Milosevic turned out to be one of the most honorable actors in that theater. He was tried for corruption, exonerated, was tried a second time for war crimes, died in prison a year before being exonerated again, and was finally convicted postmortem of failing to prevent the genocide of Muslims. Per Infogalactic.

As if Muslims have any objection to genocide.

Now about Praljak. He’s unlikely to have been as clean as Milosevic but you know what? I don’t care. If he protected his people from the globalists and Muzzies then he was a good man. Not a nice one, surely. Civil war does not breed nice men. But good in the ways that count for a leader.

I approve of his suicide. It was a final act of defiance to a gallery of the most wicked humans currently walking upon the planet. The liberal media equating his act to Hermann Goering’s suicide only confirms my suspicion that the Christian world has just lost yet another defender. This meme isn’t much of a memorial but it’ll keep his memory alive a bit longer than any gravestone; feel free to use it.

Praljak Meme

In this crazy, Christ-hating world, we all do, Mr. Praljak.


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