A Petition to Stop Funding Public Education

Sourced from www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/11/16/california-proposal-no-kids-then-dont-pay-school-taxes.html

“A California man has proposed a ballot measure to exempt residents who don’t have kids in state public schools from paying the taxes to fund them.

“The “California Education Tax Relief Act,” proposed by Lee Olson of Huntington Beach, would allow California residents with no children in the public school system to avoid paying taxes and fees designated for state school funding, KTVU reports.

Last week, the state Attorney General’s Office gave approval for circulation of the initiative, allowing proponents to start collecting the signatures necessary to get a spot on the November 2018 ballot.”

THANK YOU, GOD! I’ve wanted something like this for a long time. Fathers are as damaging to men as feminists. They have taxed us bachelors “for the children” for a very long time and dare to be disgusted that the immorally-funded public education system has become immoral. Their children are not our problem. Find this petition, sign it and spread the word! It’s long past time to defund public education and besides, the smart fathers are already homeschooling.

“It’s unclear whether the measure might stand a chance of even getting on the ballot this time. If it did, it could meet stiff opposition from parents and others worried such a massive exemption would result in higher taxes elsewhere.”

No American government in living memory ever reduced spending just because tax revenues fell. Not until they went bankrupt after exhausting every possible method of doing so. If there is no correlation between taxing and spending then there is no reason to pay taxes.


3 thoughts on “A Petition to Stop Funding Public Education

  1. Even fathers with children should not pay public school taxes. Public school taxes allow for free schooling for all children. Or, to be more blunt, public school taxes allow for free schooling for all children, regardless of the morality of the source family. Thus, promiscuous, unmarried women with children, and unfaithful (ex-)wives who have taken a man’s children from their father, are able to be subsidized. We should not be encouraging immorality in our society.
    All forms of forced donations, including government welfare, tax-funded schools and tax-funded health should be eliminated. This would allow productive family structures and people to be naturally selected for, rather than allowing parasites to naturally be selected for, within our societies.


  2. First time comment.

    In principle, I am not opposed to paying taxes, if it’s destined to things like road infrastructure or fire control. But schools? I am a bachelor, so I understand the point.


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