I Went to Church and Nothing Has Changed


The opposite of freedom is guilt. Whenever I visit family who still go to church, I’m guilted into going with them. Such visits are increasingly… not boring.

The last time I attended church, the church bulletin solicited new deaconesses. I complained to the greeter, pointing out how Titus 2 requires older women to teach younger women to be attentive to husbands and busy at home… NOT to handle Scripture. Men study God, women study men. It goes without saying that the head coverings of 1 Cor. 11 were not practiced. Strange that all the women who study Scripture these days haven’t come across that verse yet?

Apologetics tip: These arguments are easy to remember, the rhyming of Titus 2 and the numbering of 1 Cor. 11. Nearly all churches are guilty of disobeying these so whenever the topic comes up, you won’t even need a Bible.

It was also invaded by a local cult that day. Total coincidence. I didn’t learn which one because the pastor’s wife ran them off too quickly. Pastor just watched; he didn’t exactly look the part of Defender of the Faith. I respected the cult more than the church. They at least took a risk for what they believed.

The previous time I went to church, at the church I grew up in, an unmarried young woman wanted funding for a missions trip to Germany. She was going alone, not as part of a missionary organization. She didn’t speak the language. She had no evangelism experience. She knew nobody in-country. And she was only going to be gone a week.

She wanted the Church to fund her no-witness sex tour of Musloid invaders. I missed my chance to nuke her because I intentionally overslept to skip the singing. Guitar-led 7-11 songs, seven words repeated eleven times.

What happened? On what day did Almighty God trip over the Church’s power cord, unplugging it?

*Edited after-posting for grammar*


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