The Calhoun Experiment Was Not About Overpopulation

It was about the breakdown of society for a social species. In the Mouse Utopia experiment, overpopulation was the cause of the breakdown. But what is causing the breakdown with humans? We’re not overpopulated. There are no external threats like plague or famine. It isn’t hormonal birth control, not when a solid majority of humanity doesn’t use it.

Our society’s breakdown is self-inflicted, avoidable and unprofitable for anybody. There is no practical motive. No material reason or cause.

That explodes behavioral science. It explodes evolution, that being free to do as we will results in our refusing to do what we must to survive… and forcing other people to not survive, either. Don’t breed. Don’t self-discipline. Don’t cooperate with others. Those who do so anyway are preyed upon and punished with a fanaticism that only religion can explain.

Not even the Elites benefit from their campaigns of feminism and parasitism. They seek to be kings of ashen wastes instead of stewards of empires. Tyrants of mongrel hordes instead of fathers to their own kids. It isn’t a better path; it isn’t a natural path; it’s not even a path. It’s social arson.

MGTOWs are the ones who, finding no place for themselves in society, save themselves just as the “beautiful one” mice focused inward to escape their own unacceptable reality. We’re not damaged. We’re not destroying society. We’re escaping the cannibal’s pot, and the cannibal complains that he may starve as a result. Never mind that being an omnivorous human, he is surrounded by other food sources.

The purpose of society is to benefit its members. That was Calhoun’s true discovery. Obvious, but… if it’s obvious than why does human society try to consume its own members? The mice had no choice. We did.


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