The Prot/Cat Clearance Thread

It seems a good idea with recent comments to dedicate a thread for discussion of current grievances between Catholics/Orthodox and Protestants. I’ve had some frustrations that may be regional only and some Catholics have complained that they’re falsely accused of hating Prots.

So, this thread is for anybody of either side to air a grievance they have. Current issues only. There’s no point in rehashing ancient history; those were bad days when we killed each other in God’s name. Many lost and nobody won. Now that the modern West is descending into balkanization and tribalism, however, having a forum to keep brotherhood alive between branches seems a good idea.

For my part, I have two issues. One with Cat laity putting signs around their homes warning off Prot (“and other religions”) solicitors. Are these signs common? Has the RCC ruled about them? The other is Cat clergy pushing illegal immigration against the USA. Are these rogue priests getting involved where they shouldn’t, or is the Vatican doing this throughout the West and I shouldn’t take it as a specific attack?

Bring your issues if you have ’em.


2 thoughts on “The Prot/Cat Clearance Thread

  1. I have never seen it. I suppose my only problem with Protestant evangelization is when the Mormans or 7th Day types come around and won’t take “I’m Catholic” as reason to leave me alone. They might stop a couple more times to try to bring me away from the wrong church in their eyes. Which is ironic as they are barely Christian themselves, which is also how they see me.


  2. If you encounter any Protestants doing the door-to-door thing then try debating them on whether their women wear head coverings as Scripture recommends. It’s a safe bet they don’t and if they claim culture or “that was then” thinking then they’re clearly not thumping the Bible. Going door-to-door uninvited is inappropriate evangelism for anybody.

    So, I’ve heard from several sources now that there isn’t organized anti-Prot activity. Los Angeles diocese has a bad reputation due to the sodomy scandals so these must be regional problems not general. I’ll drop the objection. God knows my own branch’s leaders do enough treacherous politicking.

    Thanks, Cats. Unaddressed anger can be poisonous.


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