Surrogacy Doesn’t Work for MGTOW

It’s a simple question of logistics. Children require near-constant attention until at least their teen years and are nearly helpless for the first few. Intentionally starting a one-parent family means that parent can either raise kids or pay the bills. If the latter path is chosen (likely, for men) then that much day care is little different than single-mother environment.

Which makes the fact that many MGTOWs, particularly the atheistic, advocate it curious. We can all do the math do why deny the fact that single-parent families are impractical is obvious? Humans aren’t animals. Breeding for us is not a question of food and shelter alone.

One must be willing to suffer for their choices without inflicting them upon others. The MGTOW path is honorable and for most men, unavoidable, but it comes with an opportunity cost that cannot and should not be avoided. This is what we Christians mean when we talk about suffering for doing good. One cannot have it all. Choices have consequences that must be accepted, not passed on or paid off.

The better path for MGTOWs is to find ways of mentoring kids that pre-exist. Being the stereotypical eccentric uncle is the simplest path if your married siblings and peers don’t shun you for your freedom. Another is mentorship. This can be as simple as freelance tutoring or as complex as creating an apprentice position at your company.

This is the upside to humans not being animals. Reproducing for us is not a question of passing on genetic material but having an influence upon those around us. The chance to be an important part of an immortal soul’s early days is far more valuable than keeping your specific genome sequence running.


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