Thank You, Two Crows

For the 500th anniversary of the 95 Theses, I asked on Dalrock’s blog–which attracts an impressively diverse commentariat–if any Catholics could find anything good to say about Protestantism. Only one person did so. In gratitude, this post.
two crows says:


From a historical basis I’d disagree with your assertion about the founding. But that is a thread topic derailer. If you want I’d love to talk about history personally and we can exchange email later.

As a Catholic, living in the south I’ve personally witnessed heroic lives of Baptist clergy in living sacrificial lives caring for elderly and aged, with such compassion which can only come as grace from the Holy Spirit. They have impressed me greatly.


That assertion was my claim that America was founded by Christians fleeing Catholic persecution. We can debate history but that was such a sweeping statement that there’s no real point. I said it to point out the extent to which Catholics have historically hated Protestants.

It seems nothing has changed. Most Catholics cannot say a single kind word about us Protestants even for a special occasion.

I wish that Two Crows was the rule not the exception. Our branches could start putting the bloody past behind us. He pleased God by accepting us as fellow Christians while the others complained the thread was being derailed, as if one compliment ever was the same as agreeing with Luther.

This is exactly what makes life in America so hard today. A few Cats are cooperative but most want us Prots gone. A few blacks are decent people but most are BLM dindus. The Texicans and Mexifornians are furious at the bad behavior of Latin American parasites but their voices are drowned out. There are just barely enough female unicorns that it’s hard to give up hope.

It’s individuals like Two Crows that prevent the whole mess from descending into dystopian genocide.


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