What Patriarchy Looks Like

There’s a fairly consistent theme running through the Manosphere that Alpha Male-run societies are ideal, particularly Islamic and ersatz-feudal societies. This is a mistake. Matriarchies are not “women in power”. Matriarchies are “Alpha men in power”. Women don’t want to wield power themselves, they want to bang the powerful men.

A truly patriarchal society is not hierarchical. It is ordered but in such a way that ordinary, unsexy, undesirable men are the designated winners. No central authority exists except the minimum needed for uniform justice and infrastructure.

Women hate patriarchy because they cannot easily pick the winners. They must commit to the lieutenant and only after their youthful options fade, find out if he’s the general they always wanted. Hypergamy is completely thwarted. Men being men, this is actually a self-fulfilling prophecy. A man given his young wife’s best efforts is eager to produce for her and even a man of humble means will reward her far beyond what she gives him.

But women would rather be “King David’s Fourth Thursday Night of the Month” than “Uriah’s one and only”.

Restoring patriarchy will never be accomplished by making men more attractive. Hypergamy makes that a non-starter; if most men were top-tier then it wouldn’t be the top tier anymore. It’ll be accomplished by granting unattractive men, from the beginning and not-yet-earned, their share of respect and authority in both civil and religious spheres. This is the secret behind the USA’s astonishing success; it was a blank-slate country in which every man held the same status as any other before the law, with no aristocracy, theocracy or oligarchy to sort men into the usual winners and losers, each to receive the consequences of his conduct.

This means that re-achieving patriarchy will only happen when society pays MGTOWs to return to society. “Society” referring to the shrinking handful of winner-take-all Elites who must choose between their egos and the general welfare of the peasants… unlikely. This is why the hope of Christians is in Heaven, not Earth, because the jocks will literally burn in Hell before they deprive themselves of eager women for the sake of nerds.

Closing on a theological note, God’s wish for humanity to be patriarchal mirrors His plan for Heaven to be patriarchal–that is, NOT hierarchical. The future for us Christians is not to be God’s servants in Heaven; it is to be God’s peers in Heaven. His friends. No hierarchy. Take heart, fellow Christian MGTOWs! Your suffering for doing good unites you to God as an equal, not a servitor.


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