Muslim Fails to Put Terror in Terrorism

Muzzie truck driver runs over XX number of innocent people in NYC while screaming how impressive his deity is. Again. It’s very fortunate for Muslims that Allah only cares about headcount because Muslims are stupid. That’s not even an insult. Their intelligence is so low that I’m astonished they can breathe.

The average white guy, if he seriously wanted to, could kill way more than a few people before being stopped. But Muslims? Look at that picture. It’s the World Trade Center attack again… less spectacular with every reenactment.

The sand monkeys tried to destroy the WTC with a truck bomb in 1993 and only killed 8 people. I vaguely recall there was even a previous WTC bombing but can’t find headlines to confirm. Bomb making and math are hard! By contrast, Timothy McVeigh killed 168 with a similar truck bomb in Oklahoma.

So, the sand monkeys learned… had to learn… to carry letter openers onto airplanes and wiggle the joystick thingy to keep that big, big building in front of the cockpit window. Success! But only because our hijacking manual were written during the Cold War and assumed the hijacker wanted a free ride to Cuba. ‘Do what he says and Castro will give the plane back.’ Notice they haven’t pulled it off a second time now that the hijack manual reads ‘kill them at all costs’. Fortunately for Allah, they still have driver’s licenses!

Is there any less complicated way to commit mass murder than driving on the sidewalk? Is this what passes for a sophisticated terrorist attack? Can they not figure out a second way to kill? I cannot live in fear of people this witless.


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