Fathers Of Daughters And No Sons, hat tip to Feeriker from There was a lengthy debate in that thread with Jeff Strand humble-bragging about his NAWALT daughters, how he expects them to command a high price in the marital marketplace and how & how likely that is to backfire on him very badly. First off, … Continue reading Beware FODANS

The Gospel Coalition’s Hatred of America

Perusal of the Gospel Coalition's website makes one realize how sickeningly far the American Church has fallen. Female teachers, anti-white rhetoric and articles on the importance of trusting clergy abound. A truly abominable and recent one, however, is "Jesus Is Not Your American Patriot" by Ameen Hudson, Fisking begins! "I live in the South, … Continue reading The Gospel Coalition’s Hatred of America

A Petition to Stop Funding Public Education

Sourced from "A California man has proposed a ballot measure to exempt residents who don’t have kids in state public schools from paying the taxes to fund them. "The “California Education Tax Relief Act,” proposed by Lee Olson of Huntington Beach, would allow California residents with no children in the public school system to avoid paying … Continue reading A Petition to Stop Funding Public Education

Cars Going Their Own Way

From A driverless shuttle set free in downtown Las Vegas was involved in a minor accident less than an hour after it hit the streets, reported the local NBC affiliate KSNV. Not really the kind of publicity you want, or that self-driving cars need. The shuttle, an egglike 8-seater Navya, is operated by the AAA … Continue reading Cars Going Their Own Way